Welcome to Poems On World Poetry Day. I have written five poems to honor World Poetry Day. The World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 March every year. I have depicted my feelings through Poetry on this day. All the five poems talk about poetry, it’s beauty, it’s strength, it’s duty and how an individual and society is influenced by poetry. My Poems On World Poetry Day will certainly entertain and encourage you. Please enjoy the Poems On World Poetry Day.

The titles of my poems are….

  1. You Are The Source Of Inspiration
  2. Your Motive Is Always To Bring Good Days
  3. Oh God! Help Me To Write Great Poems
  4. Poems Can Do Wonders!
  5. Everyday I Get Energy From My Soul

Before we read these interesting thought provoking poems, may I request you to know the following through the help of internet….


An arrangement of words written or spoken: traditionally a rhythmical composition, sometimes rhymed, expressing experiences, ideas, or emotions in a style more concentrated, imaginative, and powerful than that of ordinary speech or prose: some poems are in meter, some in free verse. ( Collins Dictionary )


World Poetry day is celebrated on 21 March, and was declared by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) in 1999. “With the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered language to be heard”.

Its purpose is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world.

The original UNESCO declaration says, to “give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements”.


World Poetry Day is celebrated throughout the world with poetry festivals and events. These are held offline as well as on line.

People post poetry, write articles about poetry on different forums. People as well as poets talk about their favourite poetry and poets. There is lot of literary activities related to poetry.

UNESCO plays a big role of encouragement by offering social media kits and other resources to help people learn more about poetry.


( 1 )


Poetry, Poetry, Poetry – you play different role

At different stage and different age of history

You play the role of a leader

Also play the role of a pleader

You are motivator, fighter and an emancipator.

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry – you are not mystery

You are the source of inspiration

You have helped to create new history

You can inject energy

You can bring synergy.

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry – you are the new force and new thinking

You are the source of new energy and stamina

People recite revolutionary poems

People sing revolutionary songs

People chant revolutionary slogans

People get united and get unimaginable strength to fight, fight and fight.

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry – you are the source of determination

You have encouraged people to fight for their rights

You have encouraged people to fight for their independence

Many people are tortured, jailed and even killed

Poetry – revolutionary poetry

You spread zeal and enthusiasm

You have helped to get independence

You have helped to create new nations.

Yes – poetry – you are the source of determination

You provide – synergy, energy and inspiration

You are the path finder

You are the source of inspiration

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry – Are you are real mystery!?

You really create history!

Wonderful! Your strength remain mystery!

( 2 )


Poetry – you make people sing

You make people cry

Thank God – your heart is not dry.

Poetry – you make people dance

You make people light

Thank God – you talk about beauty

Your heart is to establish peace

You never want people to fight.

Poetry – you make people think

You make people act

You make people struggle and rebel

Your motive is always

To bring good days

Your motive is always

To bring good days.

( 3 )


Poems you give me immense pleasure

I write poems, I dream poems, I paint poems

I don’t think you can give me pain

Sorry – some people think I am wasting my time

Without any gain – monetary gain

But, I laugh at them again and again.

Poems you give me immense pleasure

I feel I am a painter

Strongly I feel I am a creator

The words I use, the sentences I make

Are of great use

They speak reality and truth

For many – my poems are entertainer

For many – my poems are path finder and motivator.

Poems you give me immense pleasure

I bother not what is said by others

Yes – money can buy pleasure

But my poetry are my great treasure

It’s priceless, invaluable

I always get immense pleasure.

Poems you give me immense pleasure

Oh God! Give me more imagination

Give me creativity and sensitivity

Let me understand and appreciate humanity

Make me a man of great care and concern

With genuine feelings for others.

Let me feel for the humanity

Let me think for the humanity

Let me dare to motivate and guide

Give new direction to all to live well with love and affection

All this I want to do through poems

Oh God! Help me to write great poems.

( 4 )


Poems can do wonders!

Poems can talk

Poems can cry

Poems can shout

Poems can dictate

Poems can rebel

Poems can soothe

Poems can give peace and solace

Poems are versatile

They also smile.

Poems can do wonders!

Poems can motivate

Poems can inspire

Poems can bring killer instinct

Poems can teach one to be practical

Poems can teach one to be rational

Also can guide one to be good human – being

Can teach one to be decent under all circumstances

Can help to stand upright under all circumstances

Poems can do wonders!

Poems can do wonders!

( 5 )


I am utilizing each and everyday

Able to show productivity everyday

Almost everyday I write poems

Write in English, Hindi and Odia language.

Everyday I read a lot and write a lot

I am enjoying reading and writing

It is possible because my family is helping

Because my family is sacrificing.

Yes – I am able to do justice to my passion

I am marching towards my mission

I know – it will take time

I am ready to struggle

I am not tired

Every hurdles helps me

Encourages me to be more stronger

I am certain to reach my goal

Everyday, I get energy, encouragement and direction from my soul

Everyday I get energy from my soul.


Poetry has its own beauty, utility and strength. Hope, you have liked the poems as well as the entire post.

Poem is created by sincere, true and deep feeling. It very much touches the heart and appeals to the emotions. Poetry brings about deep expression in beautiful language of some experience that appeals to our heart.

A quality poem will make you feel what the poet feels on any subject matter, you can be one with the feeling of the poet. A poet plays with appropriate words to produce great impactful poem.


…..Ratikanta Singh