“I must work to earn Something”
( A short story by  M.C.Senapati)

I must work to earn something. Henceforth I will not stretch my begging hand to anybody. This was the final promise of a son before his father, a  poor farmer. He was lazy all along. He had no interest and intention to do any job to earn. This was the worry of the poor father. He was toiling hard day by day to earn bread for the family.  His son was simply passing the time without thinking of his future.

One fine morning the poor farmer told his son to work and earn something on that day. The son was now put to trouble. He went to the mother for a solution. His mother had natural soft corner for the son. So, on request, mother gave him a hundred rupee note with an understanding that the deal will not be disclosed to the father.

In the evening when father returned home, mother served a cup of tea to him. His son also came and sat besides him. Father asked the son about his earning for the day. The son handed over the hundred rupee note to the father. Father looked at the note and kept it with him. He thanked the son for his first earning. Then he looked at the mother’s face and found no charm and pride, rather she was shy. He asked his wife whether she was equally happy. In an unsatisfied and peculiar smile she remained silent. Father could understand that there is something wrong and there may be a deal. The silent reply of the  mother was enough convince him.

Next day morning also the father told the son to work and earn. The son requested the mother in similar fashion. Mother told him very politely to go for some work or  employment. Please don’t ask for any money from me, she told. The son had no way out. He ultimately went to search for a work or an employment from door to door. Nobody accepted him as a labourer for his laziness.

Finally a businessman agreed to engage him for a meager amount of wage with unconditional hard work of staggered eight hours. The son had no choice. He worked through out the day .At the day end he was fully tired. The  owner offered him a ten rupee note . He returned home with the money late in the evening.

Father asked the mother about the son in the evening. He found that the mother was quite worried as son had not reached home. As soon as the son arrived , father asked him about his earning . The son was quite tired. He handed over the ten rupee note to the father with lot of pride and satisfaction seen in his face. Father could understand that his son has really worked hard. He lovingly asked his son , “Beta, have you understood the value of this ten rupee note?”.The son replied “Yes, father yes, now I have understood everything”.He touched his father’s feet and confidently promised to start a new chapter in his life.

Shivananda Marg.