Welcome to Proactive Short Poems In English written by me. The aim and objective of the poems is to make us understand about pro-activity or pro activeness in our life. To have more clarity and understanding, we will go through some selected quotations on proactive also.

Before we read Proactive Short Poems In English, better we understand the Dictionary meaning of Proactive and Definition of Proactive Approach from the materials available in internet.


Proactive – adjective

controlling a situation by making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting to them.

— intending or intended to produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem.


The proactive approach attempts to understand a system before it fails( unacceptable quality ) in an attempt to identify how it could fail in the future. Measures can then be put in place to prevent the failure or failures that have been anticipated.

Now, it’s time to read the Proactive Short Poems In English with following titles….


POEM – 1


Hello! Be proactive means

You are like professionally active

Thinking before time

To avoid problems in your life.

Hello! Be proactive means

Be productive

Be result-oriented

Uniting timely action and satisfying result

For the future of your life.

Hello! Be proactive means

Making things happen as you desire

Controlling situations as you like

Hello! It always means you should be able to avoid becoming reactive.

Hello! Be proactive means

Act in anticipation of future problems and needs

Have the capacity to identify potential issues in your life

And change yourself to be a winner in life.

Hello! Be proactive means

Never to be complacent dear

It is to bring about growth mindset everyday and every where

It is one of the main “mantra”to succeed in life dear.

Hello! Be proactive means

Never to complain about or blame circumstances or situations

But to take responsibility of life to make it best of best.

Hello! Be proactive means

Always focusing on the things that you can control

Don’t bother much on things that you can not control.

Hello! Be proactive means

Have the right mindset

Plan ahead and take initiative

Be a problem solver

Be lovable, be acceptable


Be a winner

Be a story of success every where.

********Ratikanta Singh********

POEM – 2


Let us not allow our life to be reactive

Let us be fully prepared for any eventualities and be proactive.

Let us not allow circumstances or situations to over power us

Let us be proactive and over power the circumstances.


Let us solve any problems before they become big problems to us

Let us take charge of our life everyday

Let us discharge our duties and responsibilities with enthusiasm everyday.

********Ratikanta Singh********

POEM – 3


Be proactive

Don’t be reactive

This everybody say….

Avoid pressure

Be effective

Perform smoothly

This you have to show everyday ….

Work daily, regularly and confidently

Work with a plan happily and consistently

Go for a happy ending

Be always proactive

Be always proactive.

********Ratikanta Singh********

POEM – 4


If you are proactive, very active and action oriented

Be prepared for a bright, shining life everyday.

If you are reactive, very lazy with slow activity

Certainly – you will end up repairing your life.

Mind it ….

You may have to depend on luck and other factors

They will not help you

They will drift you away….

Any where they like.


Don’t be reactive

Don’t be drifted away….

Be proactive – Be spirited


Live to the fullest

Live to the fullest.

********Ratikanta Singh********

For better understanding on proactive, let us read a few Proactive Quotations ….


QUOTE – 1 – I want to encourage everyone to be proactive with their health and get checked out. …. GIULIANA RANCIC

QUOTE – 2 – You need to be proactive, carve out time in your schedule, and take responsibility for being the healthiest person you can be – no one else is going to do it for you. …. MEHMET OZ

QUOTE – 3 – Real freedom is creative, proactive, and will take me into new territories. I am not free if my freedom is predicted on reacting to my past. …. KENNY LOGINS

QUOTE – 4 – I don’t feel that I was often compartmentalized as an African – American actor, yet I am fully aware of the plight that actors, directors and producers of color face in our industry. I choose to focus on being proactive in creating opportunities for myself and others while acknowledging that we are not playing in a level playing field. …. KIM FIELDS

QUOTE – 5 – I think that whenever you feel reactive or are being reactive as opposed to proactive, that inherently – consciously or subconsciously – creates a lot of stress. …. TIM FERRISS

QUOTE – 6 – Everyone must be proactive and do all they can to help themselves to stay employed. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 7 – I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it. …. MICHAEL J. FOX

QUOTE – 8 – The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. …. OCTAVIA SPENCER

QUOTE – 9 – By patrolling our borders, we can take a proactive stand against human trafficking, violence, terrorism, and illegal immigration from spiraling out of control. ….MIKE PERSON

QUOTE – 10 – You have to think a little smarter, be proactive not reactive. …. FRANK ABAGNALE

QUOTE – 11 – A leadership culture is one where everyone think like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It’s one , where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive. …. ROBIN S. SHARMA

QUOTE – 12 -Let’s form proactive synergy restructuring teams. ….SCOTT ADAMS

QUOTE – 13 – The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 14 – Most people assume that once security software is installed, they’re protected. This isn’t the case. It’s critical that companies be proactive in thinking about security on a long term basis. …. KEVIN MITNICK

QUOTE – 15 – The United Nations should become a proactive agent in the dissemination of democratic principles. …. MICHELLE BACHELET

QUOTE – 16 – We have got to be proactive. It’s my job to look for unconventional situations that achieve what my clients want. …. PATRICK WHITESELL

QUOTE – 17 – People who end up with good jobs are the proactive ones who are solutions to problems, not problem themselves, who seize the initiative to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 18 – The future depends on what you do today. …. MAHATMA GANDHI

QUOTE – 19 – Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowliness. Sail away from the the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. …. H. JACKSON BROWN Jr.

QUOTE – 20 – Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. …. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

QUOTE – 21 – If you don’t make a conscious effort to visualize, who you are and what you want to become in life, then you empower other people and circumstances to shape your journey by default. Your silence make you reactive Vs proactive. …. SHANNON L. ALDER

QUOTE – 22 – Remember, action today can prevent a crisis tomorrow. …. STEVE SHALLENBERGER

QUOTE – 23 – The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. …. OCTAVIA SPENCER

QUOTE – 24 – As you get older, you either become proactive about staying in shape and taking care of yourself, or, you know, time has its effect on you. …. MIKE LOVE

QUOTE – 25 – Happiness, like unhappiness, is a proactive choice. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 26 – I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life. If you are proactive, you focus on preparing. If you are reactive, you end up focusing on repairing. …. JOHN C. MAXWELL

QUOTE – 27 – Being proactive is more than taking initiative. It is recognizing that we are responsible for our own choices and have the freedom to choose based on principles and values rather than on moods or condition. Proactive people are agents of change and choose not to be victims, to be reactive, or to blame others. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 28 – Be a creator of circumstances rather than just a creature of circumstances. Be proactive rather than reactive. …. BRIAN TRACEY

QUOTE – 29 – The secret to a successful result is pro-activity. …. UNKNOWN

QUOTE – 30 – Proactive people carry their weather with them . …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 31 – Being proactive is a pillar of spiritual growth and meaningful development. …. ELI LANDA

QUOTE – 32 – The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. …. UNKNOWN

QUOTE – 33 – Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. …. WILLIAM JAMES

QUOTE – 34 – Being proactive means you shape circumstances and they do not shape you. …. ROBIN S. SHARMA

QUOTE – 35 – Highly proactive people don’t blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 36 – Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. …. OPRAH WINFREY

QUOTE – 37 -Be proactive. Ask yourself, “are my actions based on self – chosen values or on my moods, feelings and circumstances.”…. UNKNOWN

QUOTE – 38 – Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen. …. UNKNOWN

QUOTE – 39 – If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. … WILL SMITH

QUOTE – 40 – Begin with the end in mind. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 41 – You have a choice in life. You can either live on purpose, according to a plan you have set. Or you can live by accident, reacting to the demands of others. The first approach is proactive;the second reactive. MICHAEL HYATT

QUOTE – 42 – Don’t sit there and worry. Be proactive. Do something – anything – about what’s worrying you so you can gain information, focus, and control over situation. I’ve suffered great many catastrophe in my life. Most of them never happened. …. MARK TWAIN

QUOTE – 43 – Look at the word responsibility – “response – ability” – the ability to choose your response. Highly proactive people recognize that responsibility. They do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice,based on values, rather than a product of their conditions, based on feeling. …. STEPHEN COVEY

QUOTE – 44 – A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times. …. UNKNOWN

QUOTE – 45 – Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are so many tomorrows. …. POPE PAUL VI

QUOTE – 46 – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. …. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN



Hope, you have understood this vital topic properly with the help of Proactive Short Poems In English and selected Proactive Quotations. Please feel free to give your valuable suggestions.