Welcome to Non – Violence Poems On International Day of Non – Violence written by me in honour of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and International Day of Non – Violence, also called as Gandhi Jayanti which is celebrated on 2nd October every year.

I have expressed my feelings on non – violence and violence through 5 poems in simple English. The titles of the poems are given below…..

  • Violence is so much
  • Make your life peaceful
  • Animals do attack
  • Social animal
  • Check and control

Before we read the poems, better we understand the following things with the help of Internet to appreciate and have a proper understanding of this post….

  • Dictionary Meaning of Non – Violence
  • Definition Of Non – Violence
  • Dictionary Meaning of Violence
  • Definition/ Meaning of Violence
  • International Day of Non – Violence


When used as noun-

  • the use of peaceful means, not force, to bring about political or social change

“Gandhi’s commitment to the principle of non – violence”.

  • absence or lack of violence; state or condition of avoiding violence, the policy, practice, or technique of refraining from the use of violence, especially when reacting to or protesting against oppression, injustice, discrimination or the like…


Non – Violence is the personal practice of not causing harm to one’s self and others under every condition. It may come from the belief that hurting people, animals and/ or the environment is unnecessary to achieve an outcome and it may refer to a general philosophy of abstention from violence. ( Wikipedia )


When used as Noun….

  • behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something

“violence erupted in protest marches”

Similar words- brutality, roughness, ferocity, savagery…

  • strength of emotion or of a destructive natural force

“ I was surprised at the violence of my feelings”

Similar words– intensity, severity, strength, face, vehemence….


Violence is when someone attacks someone else, often to get them to do something they do not want to do by making them feel pain or fear. Violence can mean anything from one person hitting another to a war between many countries that causes millions of death… Laws are created often to control violence.


The International Day of Non – Violence is observed on 2 October every year. This is the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi. In India, it is observed as Gandhi Jayanti. This is a great honour Mahatma Gandhi and his practice and love for principle of non- violence.

Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as the tallest leader of the Indian Independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non – violence .

As per the General Assembly resolution A/ RES/ 61/ 271 of June 2007, 2nd October was considered to be the International day of Non – Violence. This was a great honour to Mahatma Gandhi as well as to principle of non – violence and peace.

The resolution reaffirms “ the universal relevance of the principle of non – violence” and the desire “ to a culture of peace , tolerance, understanding and non – violence.”


( 1 )


In our world…

Violence is so much!

Hatred is too much!!

What are we doing?

Where are we going??

Can we be called civilized???

Please think seriously and tell…

What do you realize?

( 2 )


Do not be violent

Practice non – violence

Harm no one

Also never harm yourself.

Non – violence….

Make it your principle

Non – violence….

Make it your practice

Make your life peaceful

And always be nice.

Be helpful and be useful

Be kind to everyone

Bring peace for everyone

Without any fight and violence

Make everybody’s life peaceful

And make everybody’s life enjoyable too.

( 3 )


Trees can not complain about violence

Animals can not complain too

Basically they are non – violent

Sometimes, animals do attack man and show their protest

But, this can not be called as violence.

Alas! Man has forced them to be violent

Man has taken away their every thing

They live in jungle

But they don’t have a home of their own.

( 4 )


We know….

Man is a social animal

How can he go against society and animal?

But what is the real situation?

Alas! See the cutting of trees

Witness the blasting of rocks and stones

See the attack on natural resources

Just to build big buildings and roads

And many things for his own comfort.

Man wants to prove and say….

“ I am an advanced social animal.”

But never understands that …

He is proving to be …..

“A cruel social animal

A self-destructing social animal’’.

Hey man!

You should leave violence and destruction in all form

Be polite and be useful

Try to embrace non – violence from the core of your heart

And prove that you are really a social animal.

( 5 )


Many man many thinking

No one can do anything

Please bear in mind…

All man cannot be strong enough

To follow non – violence

In the right spirit.

But, yes- all man can take a goal

To understand non – violence

To appreciate the benefits of non – violence

Everybody can try to check and control

Their violent mentality

And can practice some spirituality.


International Day of Non – Violence is observed throughout the world. This day gives the message of non -violence. Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role to make people understand the strength and power of non – violence. Through civil rights movements or social reforms, Gandhi has been an inspiration for non – violent movement across the world.

Mahatma Gandhi was firm and committed to his belief of non – violence under the worst circumstances and insurmountable challenges and led India to freedom.

General public/ people, governments, and non – government organizations (NGOs ), and the world observes the International Day of Non – Violence through various events and activities like….

  • Promoting the day through News articles and broadcast announcements
  • Holding of public lectures, seminars, discussions and press conferences about non – violence.
  • Street awareness campaign.
  • Multi- faith prayer meeting etc.

Mahatma Gandhi dreamed of a peaceful world without any wars. He also dreamed of a society without caste or class, without forced child labour. He wanted a non – violent, non – exploiting society or social order. He showed the path of non – violence, still a lot has to be done in this respect. We all, general public, leaders or head of States have to come forward to do a lot for a non – violent, peaceful world where every individual can lead a life peace and prosperity.

Hope, you liked the post with relevant information/ knowledge related to non – violence, violence and my poems in simple English, where I have expressed my feelings. Please give your valuable feedback.