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Welcome to Short Poems On International Youth Day written by me to honour this important International Day, which is celebrated on 12th August every year. We all consider our youth as the future of our society and nation. The youth has to take up the responsibility of future leadership. We also know that International Youth Day is an awareness day at the International level designated by United Nations. The main purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first International Youth Day was on 12th August, 2000.

For this occasion of International Youth Day to emphasize it’s importance and the role that has to be played by the global youth, I have written four poems as given below….

  • Short Poem You Are Our Saviour
  • Short Poem To Err is Human
  • Short Poem Equal Rights
  • Short Poem Smart Generation

Before we read these short poems, let us know something about the following things from Internet..

  • Dictionary Meaning Of Youth
  • Definition Of Youth ( Wikipedia )
  • What is Considered Youth Age?

Now., for better understanding of the term youth, let us know the Dictionary Meaning Of Youth, from internet…


When used as Noun…

  • the period of your life when you are young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult.

(He was quite a good sportsman in his youth)

  • the fact or state of being young

( I think that her youth will be a disadvantage in this job )


Youth is the time of life when one is young and often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity ). It is also defined as “the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc. , characteristic of one who is young”.


This can also be put as- Up to which age, one is considered as youth? Actually, we do not find universally agreed international definition of youth age group. However, United Nations, for statistical purposes has defined something without any prejudice to any other definitions made by member states. United Nations defines ‘youth’ as those persons between the age of 14 and 24 years.


We can very well say that youth is a worthwhile and memorable phase of one’s life. This is an age where the age group is no longer that of a child but yet to turn out to be grown up. And, this stage of life is the youth age. This age is recognized by traits of heroism, toughness, muscle, stimulation, curiosity, judgemental attitude and even much more. Youth are considered as the backbone of the society. Youth are also considered to be the future of the society and future of the nation.

Now it is the time to read 4 Short Poems on International Youth Day….


Hello! Dear Youths of the world

Hearty welcome to International Youth Day of the year 2021

We consider you as our future

We consider you as our saviour

The world depends on youth power

The world depends on you

The world depends on youth power

The world confides on you

Hello! Dear Youths of the world

Please come together

Please nurture the world for everybody’s future

Please allow everybody to live with dignity and comfort.


Hello! Dear Youths of the world

Please listen carefully

Please bear in mind

To err is human….

The mistakes, if committed by the previous generation

Should never be repeated by your generation

Show the path of peace, progress and prosperity

Everything can be possible

And you have to make it possible

Please take all possible steps for unity

Bring strength of the entire youth

Don’t give any chance for any mistake

Never you all should say….

To err is human…

Remember again

Youth unity

Youth power

Can do wonders!

And you all can do wonders!!


Hello! Dear Youths of the world

Hearty welcome to the International Youth Day of the Year 2021

We consider you as our future leaders

For the entire mass you have also to play the role of a pleader

To provide justice to one and all

Whether big or small.

As a leader, lot of things depends on your vision

A better world, an improved world should be your mission

Please work for empowerment of one and all

Everybody should feel equal

Whether big or small

Please make everybody realize

Might should not be the right

Everybody should feel

They have equal rights.


Hello! Dear Youth of the world

Hearty welcome to the International Youth Day of the Year 2021

May I ask a few questions on this auspicious day

Can you come out from your comfort zone?

Can you think out of the box?

Can you audit and inspect your own self?

Are you loaded with positive energy and positive attitude?

Are you unique and natural in your behaviour and thinking?

If YES- Congratulations!

Thank you! And Keep it up!

If NO- What are you doing?

Is it not the time to ponder about yourself?

Yeah- you must do it my dear!

Think, my dear think….

How different are you from the previous generation?

Is it not the right time to show a different and unique path at this stage to the world?

Please think and act

We all have lot of hope and aspirations on you

You have to act boldly and consciously

To prove it confidently that

You can build a great generation

You can build a smart generation.


Through the above poems, a call has been given to the youth of the world to be united, creative and show new path to overcome any problem faced by the people. They are the new force, the new energy to bring about something new compared to the previous generation.

The youth have to give better and progressive shape and bring new world order. Their contribution should make a difference to all concerned.

Really, youth is the time of development, time of growth and change. Every youth should play an important role in the development of our society. The youth has enough potential to learn, re-learn, unlearn and adapt to the environment.

Due to learning stage and age, he can have more enthusiasm, more courage. He can acquire the capabilities to bring social reforms, and improvement in the society.

If the youth come together and raise their voice on any important and urgent issue, there is every possibility that they can be successful and they can bring about transformation.

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