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Welcome to Earth Day Poem in English. Which is observed on 22 April every year.

This poem is written with an intention to understand the importance of Earth Day Celebration and to show care and concern to save the planet earth.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Initiative was taken by American Senator from Wisconsin. He organized a national demonstration to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Many rallies took place across the country during this period. By the end of the year, Government of United States had created the Environment Protection Agency. With the help of this Agency, by 1990 Earth Day became an important event and was celebrated by more than 140 countries around the world.

Let us understand more about World Earth Day through this poem and also appreciate the care and concern needed through Earth Day Poem in English.

Now …Let us read the poem written by me.


We protect our home and property

We protect our children and family

We are proud of our culture and society

We protect everything that is good for our living and wellbeing

We think about ourselves and our relatives

We want to enjoy our life and progress in our life

We know the address of our house

We know the address and location of our town, country and continent

Google maps, GPS (system) is helping us all

To find out our location

But – how much do we know about our planet earth?

Should we know about our planet earth?

Should we not know about her health, wealth and her wellbeing?

Please remember, our planet earth….

“This is the only known planet that supports life in the entire solar system”.

The earth offers a home for many species

Home in the form of ocean and land

Earth offers air, water, food and shelter to survive

Also provides trees, plants, mountains and minerals to thrive

But – please tell – who will take care of this earth?

Who will take care of many species?

Who will take care of her resources and wealth?

Should the man exploit her again and again day-in and day-out?

This earth is for all, this earth is for all species

Please think…

Who will love and who will protect this earth?

Who will warn about the global warming?

Why people will pollute water bodies and air in the sky?

More than seven billion people residing on this planet earth

Tell me, tell me please

Who is responsible to take care and love this earth?

Have we assigned this to anyone?

Can we make the people responsible to take care of the earth?

This earth is for all

Everybody takes benefit from the earth

Please tell….

Who and why should someone take care of this earth?

Please think – please realize….

“Earth is the only planet having an atmosphere in the entire solar system”.

Atmosphere sustains life

Protects us from harmful Ultra Violet Rays

Protects us from meteorites

We protect our life, our home, our country

But tell please…

“Who is responsible to protect this earth for you and me”?

Please remember….

All things given by nature are limited

It is our planet, we have to maintain

We should take all steps

For continuity of life on earth

Let us make….

“Earth a sustainable planet for future generations”.

Yes – let us celebrate….

World Earth Day on 22nd April every year

To bring awareness to save the earth, to love the earth

Let us believe and be serious

Everyone of us can make a contribution

To save our world and to save our earth.

Let us use recyclable articles

Let us say ‘No’ to plastic

Let us save water by all means

Save power and electricity

Let us use eco-friendly or environment-friendly materials

Please…. Please….

Don’t think that someone will do something

We ourselves have to do something

Everyone has to do something

We have to be disciplined and take care to save our mother earth

We have to change and change for better

The longevity of the earth and longevity of human race is in our hand

We deserve a clean planet, a clean earth

Together let us make it

Yes-a worthy place to live and thrive.


Going through Earth Day Poem in English we have understood that we have to take initiatives to save our planet earth. Each and everyone has to contribute in his own way in this endeavor. Let us try to do the following…

  • Let us become waste warriors. We should not throw waste materials here and there. Let us also know something about waste warriors.
  • “Waste warriors is a non-governmental organization which undertakes waste collection, Waste Management Consultancy, Event Waste Management and other related projects in Dehradun, Dharmashala, Corbett National Park, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and other parts of India. It was founded by Jodie Underhill and Taashi Pareek”. (Wikipedia).
  • Let us recycle waste materials and reuse them.
  • Let us plant trees. Roughly 15 billion trees are cut down each year. We have to compensate this great loss and let us make our earth greener.
  • Better we turn off the lights and fans when not in use. We can save energy, save electricity. We have to think of producing electricity from renewable sources like wind, water, the Sun and even elephant dung. The conservation of electricity energy is a must.
  • Let us limit our waste usage. Let us turn off the water tap when we brush our teeth. Let us save water. Clean and drinkable water is a limited resource. This we should not forget.
  • Let us spread the message and make sure about saving the planet doing some important event for awareness to save the earth. Let us love our earth and make it more beautiful and worth living….Hope you enjoyed the Earth Day Poem in English.

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