Holi Poems In English

Welcome to 15 Holi Poems In English written by me to enjoy the Holi festival. Through 15 Holi poems in English I want to bring out the colorful atmosphere of Holi festival. Now a days this festival is observed throughout India. But it is observed with lot of zeal and enthusiasm in Northern part of India.

15 Holi Poems written by me have the following titles…..

  1. Delete Pain And Add Pleasure
  2. Holi Is A Real Break
  3. Spend Some Quality Time With You
  4. Holi Is Holy
  5. Have A Great Holi
  6. Happy Holi My Dear….
  7. A Festival To Remember
  8. We Remember You Always
  9. Make Your Life Useful Always
  10. Let us Make Our Relationship Stronger, Greater And Holier
  11. Join Me…
  12. Let Us Play Color Together
  13. Please Come Near
  14. A Friendly Match
  15. Help Me To Help Others

Before we read the poems, it will be better to know the following things with help from internet….

  • What is Holi Festival
  • Why Holi is Celebrated


Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “Festival of Love”, the “Fesival of Colors” and the “ Festival of Spring”. The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha Krishna ( Wikipedia )


Holi is very much a Hindu festival. This festival has been celebrated since ancient times. Holi festival is considered as a new beginning and a way to welcome spring. This festival plays a big role through which people can release all their inhibitions and start fresh.

Now, let us read the poems….


( 1 )

( Delete Pain And Add Pleasure )

Holi is here – Holi is here

Forgive and forget

If anything wrong happened here or there.

Please delete pain and add pleasure

Holi is here – Holi is here

Let us relax together

Make our heart very very clear.

Yes – come together

Play lovingly with colors

With each other

Come together

Respectfully love and care each other.

Holi is here – Holi is here.

( 2 )

( Holi Is A Real Break )

Holi is a holy break

Holi is a real break

To be more colorful, full of fun

To be more useful also with fun

To make our life lively

With lot of fun.

Hello! My dear….

All my friends and relatives

From every where

Let us come together

And engage wholeheartedly

In this socio – cultural activity

And wish each other.

Happy Holi – Happy Holi

( 3 )

( Spend Some Quality Time With You )

You have a colorful, beautiful


Fruitful life… we all know.


We will add more colors to you, this Holi

We will play together

We will sit together, eat together

Spend some quality time with you


Wish each other….


( 4 )

( Holi Is Holy )

Holi is for all

Holi is holy

Never discriminates caste, color or creed.

Let us all enjoy

Together we enjoy

This uniting colorful festival

Called as HOLI.

( 5 )

( Have A Great Holi )

On this colorful festival Holi

Everybody wishes us

Prosperity – Success

Good health, Happiness and Love


Luckily, you, you have everything

You have taken care of them everyday

Hey! You enjoy each and everyday

Today – you enjoy with us a great HOLI.

( 6 )

( Happy Holi My Dear… )

May all the colors of Holi

Add joy, energy and success.

May all the colors of Holi

Bring happiness and vibrancy


May you enjoy every day as HOLI.

( 7 )

( A Festival To Remember )

Everyday is great


We can make it like that.

God has made HOLI

A Holy festival

A festival to enjoy and remember.

Let us all come together

Spread the spirit of brotherhood and friendship

Also to spread equality and peace


Make everyday great for everybody

Make everyday fruitful for everybody.

( 8 )

( We Remember You Always )

The colors of Holi

Brings flashback.

The sweets and feast of Holi

Brings flashback.


You are far away


You never went away from our hearts.

We remember you always

Specially we remember you today


A great HOLI for you.

( 9 )

( Make Your Life Useful Always )

Relax and enjoy

Holi has come

Forget all worries

Holi has come.

Colorful occasion is before you

Make your life colorful today and always

Make your life beautiful always.


Think and you can make it possible

Act and you can make it possible

Think positive always

Make your life useful always.

( 10 )

( Let Us Make Our Relationship Stronger, Greater And Holier )

I don’t need your electronic

Holi wishes

I don’t need your social media wishes

Don’t make me one among many

I feel I am special

I feel our bond is special.

If you really want to wish me

Wish me through practical gesture and posture

Come here – Come near

Let us have a get- together

Eat and enjoy together.

Let us be colorful and useful to each other

In this colorful Holi

Let us make our relationship stronger, greater and holier

Let us be great friends for ever.

( 11 )

( Join Me…)

A practical and straight forward friend tells

Don’t wish me HAPPY HOLI

Come and practically join me


Call me I will join you

To rejoice together

The colorful HOLI.

Let us eat and drink Bhang or Thandai

Let us be nostalgic

Let us enjoy music.

( 12 )

( Let Us Play Color Together )

Holi can not be played or enjoyed

Without you dear.

Come here – Come near

Let us play color together.

( 13 )

( Please Come Near )

The spring season is springing

Holi festival is around the corner

You are the biggest entertainer

Holi can not be Holi without you dear.

Please book ticket

Please come near

Oh, my dear.

I know, you also know better

Holi will not be Holi

This is true – my dear.

( 14 )

( A Friendly Match )

Holi is a friendly match

Try to put colors to your friends

Your friends will also try to put colors to you.

There will be running around

There will be hide and seek.

The beauty of the game is….

The winner is happy

The looser is also happy.

People enjoy smearing colors

Enjoy getting smeared by colors

They forget who is friend or who is foe

Everybody play the game of Holi

To revive and renew better relationship for long.

( 15 )

( Help Me To Help Others )

Dear friends!

Don’t just send Holi wishes

Send me best ideas

To grow socially, economically and intellectually.

Yes – see me and help me to be an improved version in the next Holi.

Make me a better me

Let me get all support from you

This will be Holi bonus from you

Please give me ideas and formulae wholeheartedly

And make me a kind, rational and practical person

In the next Holi.

Help me to help others

The way you have helped me.


Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival of colors that is celebrated in India. It is celebrated in the month of March or in the spring season.

Holi begins with” Holika Dahan”, burning of demoness Holika. People collect woods and burn them and celebrate by dancing and singing around it.

In this colorful festival people usually wear white clothes on the day of Holi

People play with vibrant colors like blue, green, pink, yellow etc.

People also play with water color, also play using water balloons and pichkaris.

Delicious sweets are prepared and distributed among neighborhood.

Children as well as seniors play HOLI with zeal and enthusiasm. This festival brings unity and brotherhood. People eat together and enjoy.

Holi teaches us the victory of good over evil.