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Welcome to Rath Yatra Poem in English written by me. Rath Yatra is also known as Ratha Jatra (in Odia) or Chariot festival/car festival. It is a Hindu festival celebrated in Puri, Odisha.

This poem,Rath Yatra Poem contains the details about the Rath Yatra festival. It tells somethings about the deities, somethings about chariots and the whole process of yatra.

This unique festival of almost 11 days is world famous. Many bhaktas/ devotees come from various parts of the world. The pulling of colorful chariots with ropes by bhaktas amid beating of cymbals and drums in praise of Lord Jagannath mesmerizes people.

Rath Yatra or Ratha Jatra(in Odia) celebrates the annual journey of Lord Jagannath along with his two siblings, elder brother Lord Bal Bhadra and sister Devi Subhadra from the 12th century Jagannath temple to Gundicha temple which is around 2.5 KM.

Rath Yatara falls on 2nd day of Ashaadh month called Shukla Dwitiya as per the calender. It is mostly celebrated in the month of June or July. This festival has become popular throughout the world for it’s uniqueness and grandeur.

(Now let us read the poem…)


Rath means chariot , cart or car

Yatra means pilgrimage, voyage,tour, journey, festival or procession

Rath Yatra is the world famous chariot or car festival at Puri, Odisha

This journey starts from Badadanda(Grand Avenue) in Puri, to Gundicha temple

Chariots for the journey are wooden chariots colourfully decorated

Journey starts by pulling the carts/chariots by bhaktas/devotees and general public amid beating of cymbals and drums in praise of lord Jagannath

On this auspicious day almost everybody becomes bhaktas

Chariots are newly carved and replaced every year for the grand journey or procession

The three deities/idols Lord Jagannath, Lord Bal Bhadra and Devi Subhadra have their own chariots for their journey

These deities are carved out of wood and replaced every 12 years

The journey or visit to Gundicha Temple is done via Mausi Maa Temple(maternal aunt’s home) near Saradha Bali,Puri

The three idols/deities go there for 9 days.

Rath Yatra is dedicated to Lord Jagannath

The Lord of Lords-The Lord of the Universe

Along with elder brother Lord Bal Bhadra

As well as sister Devi Subhadra

Their procession, their journey to Mausi Maa temple is 2.5 KM

Thousands and lakhs of bhaktas/devotees pull the carts through the ropes

It’s a life time experience, rare in this Universe.

Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath,Puri,Odisha is a Hindu Festival

Popularly known as the car or chariot festival

Lord Jagannath is believed to be the avatar of Lord Vishnu

And also an incarnation of Lord Krishna in Odisha

As per the Hindu calendar, the festival falls on the 2nd day of Ashaadh month called Shukla Dwitiya

The description of this Rath Yatra can be found in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana and Skanda Purana and Kapila Samhita

Rath Yatra is a journey of three deities in chariots pulled with ropes by the bhaktas or devotees.

It is a firm believe and faith that pulling of chariots brings happiness and prosperity

Also fills the life of the bhakts/ devotees or cart puller with serenity, joy and peace

All the three chariots go to ‘mausi maa’ temple (maternal aunt’s house) near Saradha Bali in Puri

This is also called as the annual visit of Lord Jagannath along with his siblings to Gundicha temple via ‘mausi maa’ near Saradha Bali

Each deity has their own chariot with different names

Lord Jagannath rides on ‘Nandighosh’ chariot

Lord Bal Bhadra rides on ‘Taladhwaja’ chariot

Devi Subhadra rides on ‘Devdalan’ chariot.

The yearly journey/yatra is unique, beautiful and enjoyable in the atmosphere of devotion

Bhaktas/devotees are allowed to offer Puja and offerings on the way

The Yatra/procession starts at the ‘Badadanda’ and proceeds towards Gundicha temple

The three deities go to Gundicha temple for nine days

Then, they return to Jagannath temple

This return journey is called as ‘Bahuda Ratha’

Here too, the enthusiastic bhaktas/devotees pull the cart back to the Jagannath temple

With joy and satisfaction the three deities are placed in the main Jagannath temple

Rath Yatra of Puri is the biggest and the oldest Rath Yatra.

Oh Lord Jagannath!

We all need your blessings Lord!

We all pray you for peace, prosperity and good health of all

Let there be no diseases, no epidemic

We all have the responsibility to keep the environment clean

Let us love nature, take care of nature

Nature will also give back many good things to all

Oh Lord Jagannath! Bless us all

Make this ‘jagat’,this world a great place to live with peace and prosperity

Give your love and blessings to all.


In conclusion, let me add some more information related to Rath Yatra…


Hope, you enjoyed the Rath Yatra poem along with various information related to this world famous Hindu festival.

Apart from Odisha, this festival is celebrated in many places in India and abroad.

The construction of the chariot begins every year from the third day of Akhshaytrutiya and ends on the evening of the day before the Rath Yatra.

Height of each chariot of the three deities are fixed along with the number of wheels.

The height of ‘Nandighosh’ chariot of Lord Jagannath is 45.6 feet with 18 wheels.

The height of ‘Taladhwaja’ chariot of Lord Bal Bhadra is 45 feet with 16 wheels.

The height of ‘Devdalan’ chariot of Devi Subhadra is 44.6 feet with 14 wheels.

On the day of the pilgrimage or journey, all the three deities are taken out in a procession from the main temple of Lord Jagannath and placed in the chariot. This process is called ‘Pahandi’.

Then, the king of Puri, the Gajapati Maharaj, who is known as the first servant of the Lord, cleans the path and chariot of Lord Jagannath. This is called as ‘Chhera Pahanra’. After this, finally the bhaktas/devotees pull the chariots through ropes to the ‘Gundicha Devi’ temple.

Reaching ‘Gundicha Devi’ temple, the deities are taken inside the temple. All the three Gods stay in the Gundicha temple for 9 days.

On the tenth day, the deities return in the chariots to the temple/main temple.

On the eleventh day, the Lord Jagannath and other deities are adorned with gold ornaments. This is called ‘Suna Besa’.

Then, in the evening all deities are taken inside the main temple and placed in their dedicated places. This is called “Niladri Bijaya”.

People believe that pulling a chariot During Rath Yatra brings prosperity and happiness to their life and their life is filled with peace.

This festival is considered the symbol of unity and equality. The devotees seek blessing from the lord of the universe Lord Jagannath.

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