Welcome to this Poem On Saraswati Maa. This poem will certainly provide lot of knowledge and information about Saraswati Maa.

Saraswati Maa or Mother Saraswati is a Hindu Goddess of learning/knowledge and speech. She is considered to be the patron of arts, music, philosophy, creativity, wisdom and learning.

According to the Hindu customs and rituals, Swaraswati Maa is worshipped on the day of Vasant Panchami.

On this day Saraswati Puja is held. It is an auspicious day dedicated to worship Goddess Saraswati,

Now let us enjoy the poem…

Let us pray you, praise you
Give us your blessings, your love, we need them all
You are the Goddess of dawn
You dispel the darkness of ignorance
You help us in removing chaos and confusion
You give wisdom and knowledge
Also to give music, art and learning is your mission. 

Saraswati Maa!
Our four Vedas are the books of universal knowledge
They are naturally your offspring
Rig Veda refers you ‘Saraswati’ as a river
You are also mentioned as a deity
You are the Goddess of all soft skills
Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning. 

Saraswati Maa!
You are the part of the trinity
You are Trishakti : Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati
You help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar
You help to create, maintain
And regenerate – recycle the universe 

Saraswati Maa!
You are a Goddess, a Hindu Goddess
We worship you with all devotion
We call it Saraswati Puja and Saraswati Jayanti
This auspicious day, we chose to help young children
To make them learn how to write alphabets
We also call it Basant Panchami
The fifth day of spring
We pray, praise you and aspire for your blessings the whole day. 

Saraswati Maa!
Your mount the swan
Personifies pure knowledge
Your herald peacock is a symbol of the arts
Oh Maa, you just represent
The free flow of wisdom and consciousness
You always kindly endow us with the power of speech
Also with the power of wisdom and learning. 

Saraswati Maa!
Your four hands represent four aspects of human personality
They are mind, intellect, alertness and ego
Also these four arms represent four Vedas
Oh Maa! It is believed you have emerged from Brahma’s mouth
Just to help in continuation of this world. 

Saraswati Maa!
With your radiant white saree
You show your pure saatvic nature
Oh Maa! Veena that you carry
Very much symbolizes the vibrational harmony of life
Your holding of the Vedas and Japamala
Very much symbolizes the constant meditation upon the divine name. 

Saraswati Maa!
You denote the creative power of Brahma
You are simply elegant and graceful
Always glow with the light of knowledge
You are also the Gayatri
Gayatri Mantra gets the name from you
Certainly, you the Goddess of skills
You are for music, art, wisdom, learning and creativity
We all pray and worship you for guidance and knowledge
Mostly when we start education or intellectual endeavour
Maa Saraswati! We need your blessings more and more. 

Saraswati Maa!
You are the inventor of Sanskrit
You have gifted pen and ink to Lord Ganesha
Through your blessings we respect traditional culture and learning
We pray you, we remember you and always need your blessings
Our world is through you Maa Goddess Saraswati
Give us the courage to spread knowledge and skill
Make this world skillful and joyful
Let everybody feel for others
Make this world worth living and caring for 



It can very well be concluded that Saraswati Maa is a graceful Goddess giving all the soft skills to humankind to improve in learning various types of skills and enhancing creativity.

She is worshipped on Vasant Panchami i.e. 5th day of vasant or spring season. This day is called as Saraswati Puja. This is celebrated either in January or February month.

Starting of Vasant Panchami indicates the end of the winter season. On this Puja people visit temples Saraswati Puja Pendals to worship the deity of Saraswati Maa. People observe fasting and sing devotional songs on this occasion.

We all agree the knowledge is power, art and culture add spice to our life. Let us pray Saraswati Maa to give us and bless us all.


 ……Ratikanta singh.