Oh! Lord Krishna!!
Even today you seem so real and so true
The way you were true in yester years
You will remain very very true and real even in future too
What have you not done?
You are an achiever, a charmer all along in all fields
You have done everything for everybody
Since childhood you are unique and special
How can anyone deny this fact?
The history will tell again and again your story
Just nobody can forget your life history
It’s like a mega mystery. 

Oh! Lord Krishna!!
You seemed very normal, common and natural
Yet your achievements are unparalleled and monumental
Whatever has to be done in youth you did it!
You fully utilized your zestful youth everyday
Gave the proof of your strength, hard work, energy, knowledge and skill
You are also at the centre in the matters of love
You taught this world to love and be lovable. 

Oh! Lord Krishna!!
You played the flute beautifully
You have mesmerized many through the music of flute
It seemed as if the living as well as non-living also enjoyed and enthralled by your music
Wherefrom you learnt this magical music?
You are considered the best son, brother, lover and relative
And you made everybody happy and proud
You acquired all knowledge became very strong, loving king with respect for justice
You are unparalleled super being endowed with love, affection and purity. 

Oh!  Lord Krishna!!
No amount of writing can define your personality
No amount of praise can be enough to describe you
You seem so real in today’s world
You gave direction through your wisdom then
Today too, your advices are so relevant and so true
Tomorrow in the next era it will certainly be relevant too
Wow! Each word from your mouth is pearl of wisdom
Your each sentence is like necklace of pearl and diamond. 

Oh! Lord Krishna!!
You are a Guru, you are a savior
We all chant Jay Shree Krishna, Jay Shree Krishna
You have proved yourself to be an Avatar (Incarnation)
You are the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu
You are considered to be a warrior and a hero
Also you have played the role of a teacher and a philosopher
You are loved, you are worshiped
You are the God of compassion, tenderness and love
You are regarded as a supreme God too
You are for human beings and human beings are for you
Lovingly we all chant Jay Shree Krishna, Jay Shree Krishna
We also chant…
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama
Rama Rama, Hare Hare. 


English Poet – Ratikanta Singh