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Welcome to Short Poems on World Population. These short poems on population are written by me to highlight importance of World Population Day, which is celebrated on 11th July every year.

This event World Population Day was suggested by Dr. K. C. Zachariah, when he was working as senior demographer at World Bank. He is from Kerala, India. He suggested this when world population reached Five Billion.

Short Poems on World Population are written with different titles but highlighting the important matters related to World Population Day.

The main aim of World Population Day is to raise awareness of global population issues. Every year UN Council(UNFPA) decides a theme of World Population Day.

The event was started by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989. Then WPD celebration started from 1990.

NOW it is time to read the Seven Short Poems On World Population with different titles


In olden days…

More population was needed

To increase the race

For survival, security and productivity.

Now the time has changed

Earth is overburdened with extra growth of population

The world needs a solution

If it continues in this speed

Just think please…

How to fulfill all human needs?

Please think over unitedly

Please think all nations

And bring about some solution.


Our world population is increasing and increasing

Many natural resources are decreasing and decreasing

Land used for food production is decreasing.

We see everywhere…

Population, population and population

It is increasing without any restriction

Forcing us to be serious about population explosion

If unchecked, it doubles in 25 years

Increases in geometric ratio.

Alas! the human life value and quality of living in many countries decreasing

Poverty and hunger in the world is increasing

Let us think to solve this problem

And make this world a better place to live with dignity.


The world is overburdened with over population

World is forced to struggle to raise a big population

Let us be together to find a solution


Many natural calamities

And man made calamities may strike us

Mind it…main problem is our population

Main problem is population explosion.


Population control, family welfare

Family planning and medical education

Are a must for our entire population.

Over population has its negative effect

On environment and world development.

Awareness of all these are a must for our entire population

Serious problems of hunger, over crowding

And environmental pollution will create havoc

Awareness of all these are must for our entire population.


Can we not say or can we say…

Man is the greatest enemy of man

Man is the greatest enemy of the world

Many feel over population is a villain

But the reality is……

Man-made over population is the greatest enemy of the world

Population explosion is seen as the greatest enemy of the world

Please think over…

The pros and cons of population explosion

And think over to bring a solution.


Please think and tell…

Whether-man is the most intelligent creature on earth?

Whether- man is a social animal?

Whether-man is generally the most selfish for his growth?

Yes- all these are true and very true

Man wants comfort in every sphere and everywhere

He wants to live long-

Improved medical science has taken care

Man wants more food grain production-

Green revolution has taken care

Man has produced plenty of food-

Through improved agriculture science

Still-food grain production is in arithmetic progression

But-population is growing in geometric progression

Please think and tell….

What will be the outcome?

Please also remember…

Land remains the same

New babies are born everyday

Many have peculiar logic for more re-production

Based on religion or superstition

Many think children are the gift of the God

How can we go against the God!

Please bear in mind…

Please remember….

World can not bear the burden of such a big population

Many problem arises due to population explosion

There may be very big problems in future

Please think and tell….

What we have to do for our future generation?


Dear Friends…

Please remember…

July11 every year is World Population Day

In 1989-United Nations Development Program initiated World Population Day

In 1987-as world population crossed 5billion mark

There was serious thought on population controlling work

World population day celebration started since1990

To spread awareness among people regarding increasing population

This day discusses about the reproductive health of people

And specially of women population

Many discussion related to family planning, gender equality, health and other matters are held

Empowering youth and women is also an important agenda on this day

Safe family planning methods and its importance is told to rural people

Let us be very clear that over population is the main reason Behind many problems of today and coming tomorrow

Serious steps should be taken to control population explosion

Good education and proper awareness can help in reducing problem of population explosion

Dear Friends…

Let us be part of awareness campaigns

And contribute something to decrease this menace of population explosion.


Hope you have liked the Short Poems On Population written to make awareness among people. Now we can conclude and say that we should help in increasing the awareness of the people on various increasing population issues like…

– Importance of family planning

– gender equality

– poverty

– maternal health

-human rights

Almost all Governments in the world are running many schemes to restrict/stop population growth. Let us all remember that to save the world and to protect the future or our tomorrow, we all have to control the population today.

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