Welcome to Happy New Year Wishes And Messages written by me. I have written twelve Happy New Year Wishes And Messages to celebrate the New Year. We all know that New Year is celebrated throughout the world with lot of excitement, fun, big dreams and hopes.

New Year is celebrated like a big festival throughout the world on 1st January every year.

In India it is celebrated with rituals and food, delicious dishes, fun games, music, songs and dances.

One can see Indian streets are flooded with New Year greetings, wishes and messages from various companies, organizations and important public personalities. People enjoy the eve of New Year on 31st December night. People have get together parties to welcome the new year at the mid night and greet and wish each other for a happy and prosperous New Year.

Along with this they send best wishes and messages to friends, relatives and near and dear ones. I have brought for you eleven wishes and messages in short poetry form. The titles of these poetic wishes and messages are …..

  • Welcome… Come in New Year2022
  • Let Each And Everyday Of Yours Be Of Great Value
  • You Just Enjoy And Enjoy…
  • Our Health And Spirit Should Be In Top Gear
  • Time Is The Greatest Teacher
  • Make This A Great Achievement Year
  • The Future Will Smile At You And Hug You
  • Think, Decide And Act
  • Extract The Best From Your Life
  • Gear Up For A Fabulous New Year
  • In This New Year
  • New Year

Before we read the poems, let me suggest that with the help from internet, let us try to know the followings to understand about the New Year properly…..


Let us know about….


New Year’s Day also simply called New Year or New Year’s, is observed on 1 January, the first day of the year in modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. ( Wikipedia )

Let us know about…..


As a part of his reform, Caesar instituted January 1 as the first day of the year, partly to honor month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past and forward into the future.

Let us know about…..


The New Year holiday is often marked by fireworks, parades, and reflection upon the possibilities. Many people celebrate the new year holiday in the company of loved ones, involving traditions meant to bring luck and success in the upcoming year.

Now let us read the New Year Wishes And Messages in poetic form…..

( 1 )

Welcome….Come in New Year 2022

Bye….Bye…. Year 2021

Welcome…. Come in ….New Year 2022

Come in with lot of warmth

Come in with lot of new ideas

Bring all the energy and enthusiasm.

Make us very much practical

To understand realism of life

Allow us to taste the newness of 2022.

Bring for us new spark and glow

Make us very happy and strong

To declare and wish ….

Happy New Year To All

Great New Year To All.

( 2 )

Let Each And Everyday Of Yours Be Of Great Value

This New Year….

Let each and every day of yours be of great value

This New Year should….

Bring joy and satisfaction in your life

All nice things should stick to your life like glue.

Let all your prayers bring blessings from Almighty

Let each day of your life be very much encouraging

Your each project, all activities

Should be full of satisfaction and beauty.

Let Almighty bless you and bless you

For a great New Year

A memorable New Year.

( 3 )

You Just Enjoy And Enjoy….

Wishing you a healthy, wealthy and adventurous

New Year – 2022

May your life be filled with lot of love, laughter and joy.

Just be lucky in 2022!

Everyday should be of great satisfaction


You just enjoy and enjoy…

( 4 )

Our Health And Spirit Should Be In Top Gear

Hey New Year 2022!

We embrace you with lot of expectations

We embrace you with lot of self conviction

We embrace you with open heart and positive spirit

Let there be cheers everywhere

Lot of love – plenty of laughter everywhere

Our health and spirit should be in top gear

So that – we all can lead a great life throughout the year


Wish Happy New Year to all near and dear.

( 5 )

Time Is The Greatest Teacher

New Year 2022 will come in time

Cent percent it will come in time

Be ready to welcome

With a happy heart, cheerful mind and free thoughts.

Resolution or no resolution….

Always keep learning something new in 2022

Always be yourself

Always keep smiling in good times or bad times.

Be tougher and better than the rest

Build an alert mind

Never mind for any set backs

Be always ready and be prepared for greater achievements.

Please bear in mind….

Time is the greatest teacher

Time is the greatest healer

Take care of time

Time will take care of you

Happy New Year to you.

( 6 )

Make This A Great Achievement Year

Oh God!

I have faith in you

And happy to say…..

I trust my abilities.

Oh God!

Provide the noble heart

To love more and more

To expect less and less.

Oh God!

Please help me not to be excited unnecessarily

Never to hurt even unknowingly.

Oh God!

Be kind and provide ample energy and stamina

Bless me with tenacity and willingness to do wonders!

Oh God!

Help me to develop a sense of gratitude towards life

Help me to be kindhearted always and value others life.

Yes – God! Yes….Bless please…

Make this a great achievement year

Not only for me, but also for others through me….

( 7 )

The Future Will Smile At You And Hug You

Hello! Hi!!

Be Happy and be full of joy and joy

Welcome the New Year with beautiful dreams

Enjoy working very hard to fulfill your dreams

The future will smile at you and hug you

Plan everyday to fulfill your dreams

Please believe in yourself and beauty of your dreams

Dreams are fulfilled by the dreamers only.

A great New Year to you

A Happy New Year to you.

( 8 )

Think, Decide And Act

Hi Dear!

New Year is coming near and near

Hi Dear!

It’s the time to review the past year

Brand new 365/366 days will appear

Will bring new possibilities

There will be ample opportunities.

Think decide and act

Act as you like

For a healthier life style

Act to get rid of vices if you have any

Or, start a hobby that you like.

But never forget….

This New Year will slowly and steadily

Become old and each day will pass away

Make full use of each day

Be always happy and gay

Make life useful and meaningful

So that, people can rely on you

People can always praise you.

A Happy New Year dear

A grand year to you.

( 9 )

Gear up Yourself For A Fabulous New Year!

This New Year….

Hopes will never dry

Exciting opportunities will come and never allow it to go

Your strong determination and resolutions

Can bring colorful and successful destination


You can certainly reach your goal.

Gear up yourself for a fabulous New Year

Let peace, prosperity, good health


Happiness be yours this New Year.

( 10 )

Extract The Best From Your Life

Hello! Hi!!

This New Year has come

But – the bitter truth is

This New Year will be old

The days will fly

And slowly fly away….

This New Year will go away.

What you extract each day

It will be your wealth, it will be your strength.

But- always, please remember

It’s your own choice that matters

Your choice can make you different and unique each day.

Extract love, extract joy, extract affection

Add value to your life every day

Also give and share

Warmth and love

With positive action and reaction.

Hi! Hurrah!!

There is lot for you in this year

Explore wonderful opportunities

It’s your life, precious life

Extract the best from your life

Extract the best for your life.

( 11 )

In This New Year….

In this New Year….

Throw – throw – throw down….

Throw – throw – throw away….

All the baggage of the past

In this New Year….

Bring – bring – bring in and fill up

New hopes, aspirations and vibrancy in life.

( 12 )

New Year

New Year….Always in time

Always future ready

Always with clear- heart

No harming intentions

Never minds to call spade a spade.

Let us all bear in mind….

365 days of year 2021 will be over for all of us

Certainly 366 days of 2022 will come for all of us

We all will call it New Year 2022.

Time and tide waits for none

This we can call law of nature

This honest process is so straight forward

So disciplined like the sun and moon

Always in time and always future ready.

Hey Dear friends…

Let us welcome year 2022

Give an honest attempt to be honest to ourselves every day

The results can be wonderful

You can have a satisfied life every day.


Let us remember and review the year gone by. Let us find out the learning points. We should see that mistakes committed should not be repeated. We should take care to improve ourselves in all the concerned areas in the new year.

Let us enter the new year with good memories, new energy and enthusiasm to make this new year more meaningful . Everything depends on how we approach and think about this new year. To bring about the right atmosphere, we send greetings best wishes and messages to friends , relatives and near and dear ones. We buy new clothes and gifts for ourselves and others too.

To celebrate the new year people go for picnics to various picnic spots for merry making and enjoyment.

Hope, you liked the wishes, messages in poetic form. If you have any suggestions, please inform through your comments. Also please share this post.