Hey New Year 2019 !
Why have you come here?
Nobody can dare to ask this question to you
Perhaps – you are duty bound to come
That’s why you are here.

Hey New Year 2019 !
Which way shall you take the people?
Perhaps – you also don’t know this
People should know where they want to go
If they don’t know that destination
Naturally you will have no botheration.

Hey New Year 2019 !
You know – few people will surely die
Some people will be defeated
Some people will be winner
Even after winning too
Some people will not cherish the win
Even after defeat too
Some people will be winner
Some take defeats as a learning process
They take things on their stride
Don’t bother even if unhappy and dissatisfied
Tell us New Year, give a mantra to us
To be happy, happier and happiest.

Hey New Year 2019 !
Trade war along with oil war is going on
Don’t know how many wars we may have to see
Nature’s fury has pressed the warning bell
Weather and climatic change is order of the day
Also terrorism is always threatening all
Intolerance and impatience are
Two new diseases of our own creation
Please tell us…
If there were no Temples, Mosques, Churches or Gurudwaras
Can we think that man would become an animal?
But sorry to observe…
Even with all religious places
Perhaps – human being has become inhuman on many counts.

Hey New Year 2019 !
No more question I will ask you
Never want to trouble you
From the starting of this New Year
What you will do for whom
It is difficult to know and say
But your blessings and best wishes are booster for all
365 days you give equally to one and all
People who think well for themselves
You support them with full force.

Hey New Year 2019 !
Give strength, enthusiasm and excitement
Make everybody full of patience and tolerance
Everybody should get your love and affection
Everyday people should learn to walk with glory
Head held high with many new stories
Let this world be happy and prosperous
Let all sorrows and sufferings vanish henceforth
Abundance of your blessings should stay in this world
Hey good Lord!
Hey New Year 2019!
Make this New Year, really new.

(I wish all my friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019)

…Ratikanta Singh.