Christmas is mass rejoice

Rich and poor all unite and enjoy

Everybody has the feeling of merrymaking

All feel ‘Santa’ gives everything.



In Christmas we are well dressed with high hopes

Wherefrom the gifts and all the beautiful things come

Nobody thinks but emerge in merrymaking and enjoying

The atmosphere is so beautiful and lovely

People feel they have nothing to worry

And they can never be lonely.



Birthday of Lord Jesus is Christmas

The biggest festival in all over the world is Christmas

People of almost all religions celebrate Christmas

Fun time and party time is Christmas.



Lord Jesus Christ’s life has influenced the mankind a lot

His life has changed the way of living and thinking the most

Christmas is a phenomenal event to be remembered by all

It’s a commercial, cultural and religious event very very tall.




Wow! wow!! wow!!!

Christmas is so big and full of grandeur

It’s just a phenomenon

The whole December turns into a celebrating month

It’s a month of Christ and Christmas month

Decoration of Christmas Trees

Family and friends get together

Holding of feast

Exchanging gifts

Church processions

Singing of Carols

Ultimately… slowly… steadily…

December gives way to January

We ring out the old year

Welcome the New Year

A new day and a new start

We see on the 1st day of January a ‘Happy New Year’.