Welcome to Short Poems For Senior Citizens written by me. The Short Poems For Senior Citizens are written to celebrate World Senior Citizens Day that falls on 21st August every year. The poems highlight the importance and value of the senior people. Their rich experience and their specialization can be of much use to the society. For this occasion I have written three Short poems For Senior Citizens with the following titles……

  • Short Poem Glitter Like Gold
  • Short Poem Golden Age Reality
  • Short Poem Like A He- Man

These Short Poems On Senior Citizens are very dear to me, because I have also attained senior citizenship from 11th April 2021.

You all know that World Senior citizens day is dedicated to people of age above60. The senior people face various health issues due to aging process.

The problems of senior people are highlighted at International level on this day. This day is utilized to create awareness among the people.

This also acts as a reminder to the Government about senior citizens to take care and help them to lead a better life in old age too.

Many issues of senior people like– mental health issues, physical health issues, abuse to elders and other issues are discussed and initiatives are taken to address throughout the world.

Short Poems For Senior Citizens are written to understand them and to encourage them to give back to the society in general and to the younger generation in particular, the rich knowledge and experience that they have gathered.

Yes- my contribution through short poems, may be insignificant, still I request you to read and give your valuable comments and suggestions.

NOW enjoy the poems with different titles….


Old man should never think and feel himself to be very old

If he thinks so, others may think him to be very very old.

Physically one may be old

Mentally, never should be old

Remember…”Old is Gold”

In the old age too

Old should glitter like gold

Old should glitter like gold.


After retirement just at sixty

You qualify to be a senior citizen.

Behave like a real senior, cool and calm

Feel proud but never be haughty.

Think…really think please…

Does this qualify you to be more responsible and more decent

Does this signify that you have to be more dependent.

Hey! Its true, no where you will find

Junior citizens under you

You have to build your junior citizens to willingly help you.

Hey! old man, be sensible, be practical

You are alone in the final journey of your life

It will be more lonely

If you don’t have your wife with you.

But, there can be no solution

If you worry, worry and worry

Be strong, face it boldly

These are the golden age reality

No way out, better to coolly enjoy it

Coolly face it.

Please bear in mind…

Your children and grand children

Will be busy to build their life

How can they spare their time?

Hey! Old man, you have proved your worth

You have proved your tenacity

You can carry on … in the last innings

Be a winner in the golden innings

Yeah-find out some new activity

Related to your age and seniority

Give coaching or be a mentor

Provided you get some taker or listener!

Extract the best from your

Rich experience and share

Share it with full care.

Yeah-be busy with your new activity

Related to your specialization and seniority

Please don’t fall pray to

Any type of mental morbidity

Certainly-golden age has just started

You are at sixty or sixty plus

At this age too you can dream

Dream to be plus, plus and plus

Plus in learning new thing, acquiring new skill

Always feel happy

Be bold enough to carry yourself


God help those who help themselves.


I knew I will get old

Retire from services

Become senior citizen one day

Yeah-the day came

On 11th April 2021, I was declared a senior citizen.


I am not able to enjoy my new freedom

My golden days, my second innings

Has come to a halt.

The dampener, the villain is COVID-19

It has taken the shape of epidemic

All people are in panic

For personal safety and well being

It has forced to maintain social distance

Wearing of mask is compulsory

Many other restrictions are there for one and all

Many feel unhappy and very very sorry

This is the harsh reality

Let me face it boldly

Like a senior citizen cum senior man

With many experiences good and bad

Ready to fight COVID-19, corona


Certainly defeat this COVID-19,corona- “like a he- man”


To conclude, it can very well be said that old people are not old, they are the gold”. Hope you enjoyed the the short poems for senior citizens. Senior citizens in their golden years are the treasure for our society. They are the experienced people. They have seen the reality of life, they have seen the world. They are also a link of past, present and future.

Senior citizens are the senior member of the family. They know better about the religion, tradition, family history and prevalent customary practices. Also they posses better understanding of values of society and family. They pass on these societal knowledge and family values to the new or upcoming generation. These are the practice going on from generation to generation. And this is very much seen in Indian context.

Now please think over… can we or should we neglect our senior citizens? Can we not spare some time for them? Can we not allow our children and their grand children to play with them and listen some stories.

Let us love them. Let us take care of their health and happiness to get many things in return from them. Let them live a satisfied and peaceful life each day.

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Ratikanta Singh