Welcome to Kabir Das Quiz In Question And Answer Form. Let us celebrate Kabir Das jayanti on June 14, 2022 by gaining some more knowledge and information about Kabir Das through Kabir Das Quiz In Question And Answer Form. There are 20 Question And Answers in this Kabir Das Quiz In Question And Answer Form.

Let us know something about Kabir Das…


Kabir Das was an 15th Century Indian saint and mystic poet. He was born in 1440A.D.and died in 1518A.D.His works influenced Bhakti Movement of Hinduism a lot.

Kabir also influenced as well as played a key role in the formation of Sikhism ( the fifth largest organized religion in the world ).

Kabir is an important figure in both Hinduism and Islam and his legacy continues to live through a religious community known as KABIRPANTH.

Kabir was a devotee of Ram, but not as an incarnation of Vishnu. His Ram is beyond any personal form or attributes.

Let us start the Kabir Das Quiz…

QESTION – 1 – Which is the birth place of Kabir Das?

ANSWER – 1VARANASI is the birth place of Kabir Das.

QUESTION – 2 – Kabir Das belonged to which century?

ANSWER – 2Kabir Das belonged to 15th Century.

QUESTION – 3 – Which Hindu Bhakti leader strongly influenced Kabir Das in his early life?

ANSWER – 3Bhakti leader RAMANANDA influenced him during his early age.

QUESTION – 4 -What is the most sacred book of Kabir Panth?

ANSWER – 4 – BIJAK is the most sacred book.

QUESTION – 5 – What was the initial profession of Kabir Das?

ANSWER – 5 – Weaving was the initial profession of Kabir Das.

QUESTION – 6 – In which other religion Kabir Das’s verses are found?

ANSWER – 6 – In SIKH religion Kabir Das’s verses are found.

QUESTION – 7 – Which word correctly describes the language of Kabir Das used in his works?

ANSWER -7 – The language used is SADHUKKADI.

QUESTION – 8 – In which year Indian Postal Department issued a postage stamp with a photo of Kabir Das?

ANSWER – 8 – In the year 1952.

QUESTION – 9 – Who were the parents of Kabir Das?

ANSWER – 9 – NIRU AND NIMA were his parents.

QUESTION – 10 – Who was the Guru of Kabir?

ANSWER – 10 – SWAMI RAMANANDA was the Guru of Kabir.

QUESTION – 11 -Who was Kabir’s Guru?

ANSWER – 11 – Swami Ramananda was Kabir’s Guru.

QUESTION – 12 – What does the name Kabir mean?

ANSWER – 12 -Kabir is a common boy’s name. This comes from the Arabic – Al – Kabir which means ‘The Great ‘ and it is the 37th name of God in Islam.

QUESTION – 13 – What is the full name or other names of Kabir?

ANSWER – 13 -Kabir is also known as Kabir Das and Kabira to many of his followers.

QUESTION – 14 – Did Kabir follow Ram of Ayodhya?

ANSWER – 14 – Kabir’s God was Rama, but his Rama is not the Rama of Ayodhya, the son of Dasaratha. Kabir’s Rama is Niranjana ( without hint of bad qualities ), Nirakar ( without any form or formless ) and Nyara ( extra ordinary )

QUESTION – 15 – What did Kabir preach?

ANSWER – 15 – Kabir was considered to be the guiding spirit of the Bhakti Movement. He preached Bhakti / Devotion through the medium of his dohas. The main purpose of his works was protest. Protesting against social discrimination and economic exploitation of the oppressed.

QUESTION – 16 -Was Kabir married?

ANSWER – 16 – As per historical literature and findings, most scholars conclude that Kabir was likely or probably married. The name of his wife was DHANIA. They had one son named KAMAL and one daughter named KAMALI.

QUESTION – 17 – What was the religion of KABIR?

ANSWER – 17 – It is said that Kabir was born to a Brahmin widow. She abandoned Kabir. Kabir was found and adopted by a Muslim waiver. In this way his early life began as a Muslim. Later on he was strongly influenced by a Hindu ascetic RAMANANDA, who was his Guru.

QUESTION – 18 – What does Kabir Das calls himself in his poems?

ANSWER – 18 – Kabir calls himself as Julaha, and Kori in his poems. Meaning of both are the same that is weaver, belonging to a lower caste. He completely did not associated himself with either Hindu or Muslim.

QUESTION – 19 – What is the name of the two – line couplets of Kabir?

ANSWER – 19 – The two line couplets are known as ‘Kabir Ke Dohe’.

QUESTION – 20 – Where Kabir Das died?

ANSWER – 20 – Kabir Das died at MAGHAR.



Hope, you have liked Kabir Das Quiz In Question And Answer Form. To conclude the post, it can very well be said that Kabir Das was loved and respected by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

His teachings through couplets known as Kabir Ke Dohe are very much liked by people as they were easy to understand.

Many of his poems are protest poems. In the 15th century when Persian and Sanskrit were predominant North Indian languages, he chose to write in colloquial, regional language. His poetry is a mixture of Hindi, Khariboli, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Persian and Marwari.

Kabir’s verses have been recorded in the Adi Granth of the Guru Granth Sahib. He was a great poet and spiritual leader of India. He got his spiritual training from Guru Ramananda.

Many people followed the teachings of Kabir Das. They are called as Kabir Panthis and they are mostly in North India. The Kabir Panthi community worship his ideologies.