Good Morning Messages

Welcome to Good Morning Messages and Good Morning Wishes written by me. This is the Part-1 and I will continue to add more messages and wishes at regular interval. I will also bring Good Morning Quotes for you.

Yes, tell me friends- who doesn’t like to read Good Morning Messages or Wishes just after waking up from the bed. Now a days many people the habit of looking into their mobile very often.

These messages and wishes act as gentle reminder that we remember, we care and show concern to our near and dear ones, friends and relatives early in the morning.

These messages can be mood changers, energy boosters and can bring smile, happiness, encouragement, determination, zeal, enthusiasm and killer instinct to do something worth while and memorable for the day

Good Morning messages and Good Morning wishes are the new bonding Mantras for the modern busy man. The messages and wishes written by me are written in poetic form or written like short poems.

Hope, you will enjoy. Please go ahead…

(How Can I forget?)

How can I forget to wish you Good Morning?

You are so dear to every one

Every one so good to you

Your morning should be good

Every thing should be good, good and good

So: hearty Good Morning To You.


(Glory for you)

This morning and this day

No worry and no hurry for you

Let it be peaceful

And full of glory for you

Good Morning

And Very Very Good Morning To You.

(Let there be positive results)

May God offer you

A positive morning

Give you a good mood

Let there be positive results

And every thing good, good and good

So: A bright Good Morning To You.

(Let all hurdles be clear)

Wishing you a smiling good morning

A bright shiny good morning

You deserve it dear

Let all hurdles be clear

Good Morning again to you dear.

(You are so good)

Nobody tells me

To send Good Morning message

To you….

You are so good

You deserve your mornings

To be good, good and very good.

(To bring steely determination)

Yes: My dear

It’s true, very true

And nobody can deny

You are a big dreamer

I wish this morning

To bring you steely determination

To add something to your dream

To help you to reach your goal

Hey! Be cheerful as ever

Good Morning again my dear.

(Keep dreaming)

You care for your dreams

You know your goals

Why success can not be yours?!

Yes, it will be yours

Keep dreaming

Keep toiling

Accept my Best Wishes

And my Good Morning.

(Grab to-day’s opportunity)


I will not advice

You don’t have any vice

Yes, you very well know

Life is full of endless opportunity

Do the right thing

At the right time

My Best Wishes to you

To grab to-day’s opportunity


Accept my encouraging Good Morning.

(March forward)

I know

The world also knows

How energetic and determined you are

Come on! Accept my salute and Good Morning

And march forward and forward

Towards your goal

And keep winning today and tomorrow.

(How can you lag behind?)

Giving up is not your cup of tea

Losing heart is not your habit

Toiling is your motto and spirit

Tell me my friend! Tell me

How can you lag behind?

For more energy and clear vision

Do meditation and some Yoga Aasan

Also accept my Best Wishes

Be spirited, be in motion


Accept my vitamin coated Good Morning

To accomplish your mission.


Man is a social animal. He loves to mingle with people in the society. He wants to show love, respect, care and concern for others. In return he expect the same. Internet has become the modern bonding medium for all.

Many a times man is not able to understand his self worth or the hidden qualities and energy in him. The small energy capsule in the form of messages and wishes can do wonders. These messages and wishes can help people to act consciously every day to achieve something in their life.

When the messages are read and understood, the person feels that someone is there who is my well wisher and something like a mentor.

The Good Morning messages and Good Morning wishes in Part-1 are written to encourage and to add more freshness to the mornings. Hope you liked them. Please give your feed back.

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