Laughter Day is celebrated every year, laughter is very important in our life. Laughter is also considered as a medicine. A life without fun frolic and laughter is really boring .We can very well say that laughter add spice to our life. A person who can laugh can increase the capacity and tenacity to withstand any problem in life. Now a days we find Laughter clubs to laugh together and enjoy together. Laughter makes us relaxed .Laughter also helps us to be stressed free. Laughter gives mental strength to face problems in life. Therefore laughter is of much help in our life. Let us celebrate World Laughter Day and enjoy this poem…


World Laughter Day Poem



It is difficult to tackle many problems that come our way

Unwanted, unexpected problem may emerge any day

This life is not easy

Man is always busy

There may be no time to stand and stare

But please try to laugh

Laughter is rejuvenating, it’s a medicine

Laughter will make your life simply enjoyable and very very clear.


Practice to laugh and practice laughter

Practice ‘laughter yoga’ with friends and companions

Promote wellness and wellbeing of one and all

Your laughter, your facial expressions and your happiness

All have impact on your emotion

Practice to love, love with some exercise for muscular relaxation

Laughter will help you release

Your stress, strain and tension

There will be no sign of physical weakness or depression

Laughter will work like medicine for the fitness and happiness

Laughter will do wonders and your face and activities will glow.


Laughter makes you happy and makes others happy too

It can be contagious and atmosphere will be easy too

Laughter increases immune cells and improves resistance to diseases

It protects heart, improves the function of blood vessels

Laugh together, do ‘laughter yoga’ together

It’s a social mechanism to connect and enjoy with others

Laughing together gives ‘we’ feeling and also a pain killer.


Last but not the least – if we can laugh together

We can live, enjoy and progress together

Let us call ‘peace’ together to this world

Let us all live peacefully in this world

Without any terrorism and hatred

Taking full care of the mother earth

Showing care and concern for global warming

Taking care of human civilization and human beings

To survive with dignity, without pain but with a lot of blessings

Laugh, laugh and laugh

Laugh to make others laugh

Laughter is the spice of life

It doesn’t cost a single pie.


 ….Ratikanta Singh