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Welcome to Top Hindi Websites for Kabir Ke Dohe with meaning in Hindi…..

It can very well be said that almost every Motivational Website in Hindi has Kabir Ke Dohe along with other motivational stuffs like motivational or inspirational quotes or Anmol Vichar, success stories, moral stories, self-help techniques, self-improvement ideas (tricks or methods), motivational slogans, success mantras/neetis (principles or formulae) , motivational speeches or letters of great leaders or celebrity.

Kabir Ke Dohe or Dohas are so popular and so impactful that they are also used in various Hindi films of Bollywood as songs to entertain, motivate as well as to give moral messages.

Many a time people use Kabir Ke Dohe or Dohas to communicate properly. Dohas are also treated as best indirect way of telling things with a strong message in verse form.

It is better to understand Doha to enjoy Doha. So the question arises…

What is Doha?

We take the help of Wikipedia to understand Doha.

Doha is a very old “verse-format” of Indian poetry. It is an independent verse, a couplet, the meaning of which is complete in itself.

Doha is a form of self-contained rhyming couplet in poetry composed in Matrika Metre. This genre of poetry first became common in Apabhramsa and was commonly used in Hindi.

This lyrical verse-format was extensively used by Indian poets and bards of North-India probably since the beginning of the sixth century AD. Dohas of Kabir, Tulsidas, Raskhan, Rahim and Dohas of Nanak called Sakhis are famous. Satasai of Hindi poet, Bihari, contains many Dohas. Dohas are written even now.

After understanding of Doha and who all have written Dohas, better we move on to know something about Kabir Das.

Who is/was Kabir Das?

Again with the help of Wikipedia, let us gather knowledge about Kabir.

Kabir or Kabir Das was a 15th century Indian mystic poet and saint. His writings influenced Hinduism’s Bhakti Movements and his verses are found in Sikhisim’s scriptures Guru Granth Sahib. His early life was in a Muslim Family but he was strongly influenced by his teacher, the Hindi Bhakti leader Ramananda. Kabir was born in Indian city of Varanasi.

Kabir also known as Kabir Das was born and brought up in a Muslim Weaver’s family by Niru and Nima. He was also a musician and was one of the important saints of Hinduism and also considered a Sufi by Muslims.

He is respected by Hindus, Muslims and Shikhs. He was never formally educated and was almost illiterate. According to legends, the only word he even learned how to write was “Rama”.

After knowing about Kabir and his contributions many may ask the questions and show curiosity….

Why people like Dohas of Kabir Das?

People like Kabir’s Poems/Dohas or Banis (utterances) as because they resonate with praise of the Divine. There is certainly an attempt to guide the listeners to a spiritual awakening in almost all the Dohas/Verses or Banis. Also in each Doha of Kabir there is an element of gently mocking the rituals and superstitions of mechanically following the rules of religions.

The Dohas of Kabir written in Avadhi, Braj and Bhojpuri languages which are easily understood by the people has helped in its popularity.

Another important reason for liking the verses are due to their guiding principles of goodness, mercy, compassion and trust in a higher power i.e. Almighty.

Kabir was a strong preacher or proponent of Ahimsa. He preached to live life as a householder. Treat your work and responsibility as worship. Have love towards all and remember that the divine in each one transcends sects.

It is so nice to see hundreds of his verses in Guru Granth Sahib.

Because of the above reasons, people like Kabir Doha and still continue to like them.

Now it’s time to know about the Top Hindi Websites for Kabir Ke Dohe with meaning in Hindi.

Here, it is worthwhile to mention that every Website contains the selected Dohas of Kabir. The Dohas are the same; the meaning has to be the same too. But in some Websites the explanation is given in a better way to understand it easily. This is the only difference which we may find in the websites which we will give below….

  • – This is one of the best and popular websites in Hindi. This website has contents like Hindi quotes, Hindi stories, self-improvement article, Swasthya/Health, Nibandh/Essay and Jeevani/Biography. The tagline of this website is spreading positivity.

In this website there are 101 Kabir’s Dohas with their Hindi meanings. They are explained in a very simple way within two, three or four lines/sentences. This very clearly helps to understand the message of Dohas.

The exact title of the post is – 101 prasiddh Kabir Dasji ke Dohe.

  • – This is also a very popular website in Hindi with a tagline of, “Kashish toh karie”. The contents in this website are Anmol Vichar, Festival, Students’ Study Tips, Hindi Kahani, Biography, Career and Hindi Slogan.

There are 18 Kabir’s Dohas in this website. The meaning of the Doha is very clearly explained in 4-5 lines. The message of Sant Kabir is very clear and enjoyable to read.

Also please read :

This website has contents like motivational, spiritual, quotes, biographies, personality development.

The post on Kabir Ke Dohe is – 110+ Kabir Das ke adbhut Dohe Hindi arth ke saath – Kabir Das Dohe with Hindi. To be very exact there are 113 Dohas explained in a simple way that can be understood very easily. Author of this post/article is Avinash Singh.

  • – This is also a well-known Hindi website. The contents of this site are quotes (motivational career, success, positive attitude, time management, social status) health, stories (success stories, motivational, inspirational, self-development, panchatantra), Tech (blogging, social media, internet tips), Business (animal husbandry, farming).

There is one article related to Kabir’s Doha – Kabir Dasji ke Dohe Hindi arth sahit.]

There are 21 selected Dohas with Hindi meaning which are easy to understand. The writer of the post clearly says that Dohas of Kabir Das bring positive thoughts in life. We can learn a lot from the Dohas. Anyone who can learn and implement in his life, he can get success and nobody can stop it.

  • – The tagline of this website is “Sabkuchh Hindi Mein”.

The main contents in this website are – learn Hindi, health and fitness, meditation and self-improvement and success mantra.

This site has one post/article on Kabir’s Doha – Kabir’s ke Dohe 101 – in Hindi with meaning. In this article the author has divided the Dohas into different categories. The categories are :

Buddhi/Gyan – 15 Dohas

Prem – 10 Dohas

Moh, Maya, Love – 30 Dohas

Man – 17 Dohas

Vishvas – 17 Dohas

This site has Dohas of Rahim too. – This site has 100 Kabir Ke Dohas with Hindi meaning.

This is a website with topics like Rahasya, Anmol Vachan, Prerak, Rochak wo Adbhut Tathya (Janwar, Aadhyatmik), kavitaen (Dohen/Desh Bhakti Geet/Desh Bhakti Kavitaen), Kahaniyan.

The 100 Dohas in this website are very much relevant and useful for us. The meanings in Hindi are also explained properly. – (Hindi blog for grammar, stories, motivational quotes and general knowledge for students). The mission of the website is very simple, the site wants to provide educational notes in Hindi to students of Hindi subject.

There is an article related to Kabir’s Doha i.e. सम्पूर्ण कबीर के दोहे अर्थ सहित/ Kabir Ke Dohe in Hindi. There are —– number of Dohas explained in Hindi and these are very useful. – This website has contents like Nivandh/Essay, Shayari, Suvichar/good thoughts/quotation, Kavitaen, Poems, Biography/Jeevani, Finance tips, Anya lekh.

The article related to Kabir’s Doha is —- Dohe of Kabir Das in Hindi and Kabir Ke Dohe in Hindi/संत कबीर दास के दोहे और उनके अर्थ…. There are 34 Dohas in this article with meaning in Hindi. – This website has contents like Rochak Jankarian, Dharm, Jeevani, Sehat, Hindi Lok Itihas, Pahelian, Swadeshi.

There is a post related to Kabir’s Doha कबीर के दोहे अर्थ सहित/ Kabir ke Dohe with meaning in Hindi. There are 50 Dohas in this post. – The tagline of this website is – garden of inspirational knowledge.

The contents in this website are quotes in English and Hindi, Motivation (Hindi articles, Hindi poems, Hindi stories), Career, Personality Development.

The post on Kabir’s Doha in this website is – Kabir ke Dohe संत कबीर दास के प्रसिद्ध दोहे । In this post there are 40 Kabir Das Dohas with Hindi meaning. – The tagline of this website is – Life Changing Motivation.

The contents in this site are best Hindi stories, Hindi essays, health in Hindi, self-improvement, Hindi slogans, Youtube videos.

The post related to Kabir Das Doha is – कबीर दास जी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ अनमोल दोहें । कबीर दास के अनमोल वचन । There are 119 Dohas with Hindi meaning. – The contents in this site are – kavitaen (kavitaen, Sanskrit shlok ewam arth, wedding special). Informational, Monoranjan, Sehat aur Sundarta (gharelu nuskhe), kahani (Mahabharat and Ramayan Kahani), Parb aur Tyohar (Shyari, Anmol Vachan, Hindi Lekh, Essay and Articles, 2020 में आनेवाले फिल्में।

The article related to Kabir’s Doha is – कबीर दास के दोहे अर्थ सहित, जीवन परिचय व जयंती। In this article there are 15 Dohas and details of Kabir Das Biography with his Jayanti. – The contents in this site are Hindi Quotes. The article related to Kabir’s Dohas is – Top 51 Kabir Das ke Dohe in Hindi – संत कबीर दास के दोहे अमृत वाणी।

  • – This is a very popular website with contents like – biography, vyaktitwa vikash, vyapar gyan, career, history, success stories, more (Hindi quotations, books, Hindi speeches, Hindi articles).

The article related to Kabir’s Doha in the site is – संत कबीर दास के दोहे अर्थ सहित – Sant Kabir ke Dohe. There are 101 Dohas with Hindi meaning explained properly. – This site has contents like quotes, inspirational materials, biography, slogans, education, how to, essay etc.

The article related to Kabir Das in this site is – कबीर दास जी के दोहे हिन्दी अर्थ सहित । There are 39 Dohas with meaning in Hindi.

In this post we have given the following….

We have given detailed contents in the website so that the readers can understand the type of topics coverd by the various websites in Hindi.

We have also given the exact title of the topic related to Kabir’s Dohe so that the reader can choose from the websites and accordingly search that particular topic.

An honest attempt has been made to bring out the best possible and top websites having article related to Kabir Das Dohas.

We might have missed some of the websites. If any one feels that their websites deserve to be among the top websites, please don’t hesitate to inform us through our comment section.

We honestly feel that people should know about the teachings of Kabir Das and should follow in their life so that we can have a better society.


Today, there is an increased need for Kabir’s teachings. A deeper understanding of Kabir’s simple, humanistic, philosophy and compassionate ethics would help the world a better place.

Kabir Das’s writings created a major impact on the development of Bhakti Movement which is associated with Hinduism.

Kabir Das was a great composer. He composed his poems in simple style in Hindi, Braj and Abadhi which is the language of the common people. The common people could understand the poems and enjoyed them.

Kabir Das believed that Almighty God is to be found within. All external actions and activities will be futile until and unless we look within.

Kabir’s literary contribution is great. His poetry, his music will continue to serve our society for long.

With this it is concluded…if it is useful and you have liked it, please share this post.

Man is a social animal. He has to lead a better life with cooperation and understanding. The Kabir’s Dohas help a lot in this regard.