Dr. Sushil Chandra Pal

The day Today and Tomorrow, art
Merely a gap of twelve hours,
Distinct yet they are in all spheres;
And an entity may feel the thrill of changes sublime,
That’s Time, the mystery dare -devil.

A ‘he’ bears a father, a ‘she’ a mother,
A seed promises a tree, a mind a love,
But, by sake of Time, in them is ascertained-
Neither paternity nor maternity, no fruit, no humanity!
Each of them is but a sheer chance or probability.

Truth lies not in charms, cheers or chastity,
Nor in tears, treasures or tricks,
They all’re transitory, and hence of no ease;
Truth lies in bare skull and corpse,
As, over Time, mankind certainly does it forge!

The system solar brings in changes diverse,
Seasonal, gravitational, tidal or ecological,
But the Sun, the sovereign regulates the universe
As a nucleus standstill amidst the solar cycle,
And it appeases all ups and downs that seems to be a miracle.

No dirge, no death, no ode, no anthem or tear,
No cannon, no dragon nor any nuclear weapon can
Fear, touch, stop or rein the divine urge;
The best guide and Daniel judge of all good and evil.
That’s Time, the mystery dare devil!