(Words.of praise .for Rohit Sharma)



  1. I would love to take singles and come to non-striker end so that I can watch Rohit’s batting. …VIRAT KOHLI.
  2. Always a joy to watch him bat. …SACHIN TENDULKAR.

  1. He is probably the best T20 player I have ever seen. …RICKY PONTING.

  1. He can play the same ball in three different directions. …SUNIL GAVASKAR.

  1. Rohit has all the talent to become next Sehwag. …GRAEME SMITH.

  1. If you ask me whom I fear more as opposition captain. I will say Rohit Sharma without a thought. …GAUTAM GAMBHIR.

  1. When Rohit Sharma was born Doctor said, “Congrats! Talent is born”. …VIRENDRA SEHWAG.

  1. Don’t change the channel when Rohit walks out for bat, but by the time you change it back he’d be long gone. …RAVI SHASTRI.


  1. When you have a player of Rohit Sharma’s class in the white ball game, a top innings is always round the corner. …HARSHA BHOGLE.

  1. When Master Blaster was asked that who could break his record, he said, “Virat and Rohit are the ones who can break my record”. …SACHIN TENDULKAR.

  1. Rohit is laid back when it comes to both his batting and captaincy…JONTY RHODES.

  1. Rohit is a fantastic leader. JA…MAHELA YAWARDENE.

  1. Polard and Rohit are best T20 players ever. …RICKY PONTING.

  1. As a captain, Rohit Sharma reads the game well. …RICKY PONTING.

  1. This one is exceptional performance. It was a special innings. It’s very, very difficult to see it being surpassed. …BRIAN LARA (on Rohit’s 264 runs in an innings).

  1. He is exceptionally talented, committed and confident player. …ANIL KUMBLE.

  1. I watched Rohit’s game a couple of times, he reminds me of Mark Waugh. …MATHEW HAYDEN.

  1. He is a top class player….IAN BISHOP.

  1. Rohit is a proper cricketer on the field. …MOHAMMAD YUSUF.

  1. He is the only present cricketer who plays very late on spin bowling after Injamam. …HARBHAJAN SINGH.

  1. I am a fan of Rohit Sharm….RAMIZ RAJA.

  1. No one is as great to watch as Rohit Sharma when he keeps on going. …SANJAY MANJREKAR.

  1. Rohit is a God-gifted talent. …M.S.DHONI.

  1. Personally I am a big fan of Rohit. …R.ASHWIN.

  1. If you can’t get the wicket of Rohit Sharma, you are struggling in life. …BRET LEE.

  1. If you really want to see a wasted talent, look into the Rohit Sharma’s eyes. …AB de VILLIERS.

  1. Team in trouble? Who got you there? Rohit Sharma. …ANIL KUMBLE.

  1. You get him out and then the match truly starts. …JAMES ANDERSON.

  1. I have never compared myself to anyone, but it’s hard to resist him. …SHAHID AFRIDI.

  1. I have delayed my shoots a few seconds to watch Rohit bat. …ABHISHEK BACHCHAN.

  1. He is to batting what Munaf is to fielding. …SAURAV GANGULY.

  1. India’s fortune will depend on how soon he gets out. There is no doubt Rohit is a funny thing. …SUNIL GAVASKAR.

  1. What we don’t need is a Rohit Sharma. …HAMILTON MASAKADZA (Batsman Zimbabwe).

  1. Don’t commit your crimes when Rohit is batting, you’d hardly have any time. …MATHEW HAYDEN.

  1. We did not lose to a team called India, we just picked Rohit’s wicket. …MICHAEL CLARKE.

  1. I get bored of umpiring when Rohit is batting. …SIMON TAUFEL.



Collected by – Ratikanta Singh