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I have already published Quotes on Negotiation.  You might have understood about negotiation through the quotations. Now a poem is before you.  It is difficult to write a poem on such a topic.  Still I have tried my best to make it easy to understand about negotiation. The topic is such that I have to write a long poem.  But I am confident that it will give good amount of understanding about the topic. So please enjoy…




How can anyone escape to negotiate in life?

Whether we like it or not

Whether we appreciate it or not

Whether we are competent to negotiate or not

For every relation and for better relations

For better and better benefits

For mutual coexistence and cooperation

And also for growth and improvement

We negotiate and re-negotiate too

We all try to evolve as a unique entity

Also try to establish our own identity

To become a brand to be recognized

We need negotiation, we do negotiation

Negotiation is one of the methods that give us recognition.


Please bear in mind

Decision making process is negotiation

When two parties with opposite interest

Come to a conflicting situation

But come together with readiness

To the table for a solution

And for decision

This decision making process is called negotiation.


Man is a social animal

We all human beings always try to prove something to this world

We always try to prove something to ourselves

To prove anything spectacular or different a team is needed

A leader has to lead, he has to think different

To give something new, he may have to negotiate

Nobody can deny, together we all can progress

Ideas of many, produces super ideas

Implementation of super ideas may bring something unique

To this world, when we look to the basic things

And want to improve or change

Many a times, there is conflict

So, we negotiate, sometimes we also compromise

And we come to a conclusion for betterment of our team or our life

Whether we like it or not

Ultimately negotiation is intended to aim at compromise

I win, you lose or I lose, you win

I lose, you lose or I win, you win

I win, you win becomes a deal

This is the story of negotiation

We may face this today or tomorrow

Negotiation is negotiation between two individuals or parties

To have something better or more

Now the question comes…

Is negotiation an art or science?

Let us try to understand further please…


We all see love, fight, compromise, deal and peace in the entire world

These are part and parcel of our life and also our society

We see fights between two parties or more parties with opposing interest

They come to a conflicting situation and fight with each other

Later on they come together to the table for some solution

Now, together they want some decision

Yeah, this decision making process is called negotiation

Each party has their own goals and perspectives

They are in the process to formulate agreements

To solve the issues or disputes

The parties have to communicate to each other

They have to generate offers, counter offers or both

Agreement do occurs between the parties

If and only if the offers made are accepted by both the parties.


We generally see…

A customer trying to negotiate with a shopkeeper over a price of a product

We also see negotiation for salary between employer and employees

There are different types of negotiations we see in this world

Every time some negotiation is going on here and there.


Please remember…

 Negotiation is not that easy

Also remember, it’s not that difficult or fussy

There is a process for negotiation

Preparation and planning are must

Definition of ground rules must be clear and known to all

Clarification and justification are to be given whenever needed to all

Bargaining and problem solving power have to be shown

Then only one can reach to the stage of closure and implementation

It is a process of give and take

It is just not an event

This one should remember

Just we cannot forget.


Also please remember…

For proper and better negotiation

Full involvements of two parties are must

It needs effective communication

Many people they do not understand the meaning of negotiation

But they are good in negotiation

They resolve conflicting situation

Ultimately two parties have to reach an agreement

Through making a point

To settle an argument

Either we compromise or we beat the opponent.


Ultimately reaching a solution

Can be called a negotiation

This modern world of ours

Believes in collaboration and negotiation

We all can see a better result

When we take step to negotiate

And believe in the power of negotiation.


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English Poet – Ratikanta Singh