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This poem is written to celebrate Diwali Festival, the festival of light. This is a very important festival of India and specially of North India. Let us enjoy the poem…


Every festival of India is unique and very very speciaL

India is truly a country of unity in diversity

It’s a subcontinent with many peculiarities and beauty

One can enjoy the beauty of all seasons

We have only twelve months in a year

But we have more than twelve festivals in a year.


Diwali is a big and popular festival of India

Known as festival of lights

Symbolizes the victory of light over darkness

A festival of wealth and prosperity

We pray to Goddess Laxmi for wealth and prosperity

We celebrate the return of Rama after fourteen years of exile

And after winning a big fight

To celebrate the win, there is light, light and light

And we call it the festival of light.


Yes, we call Diwali a festival of light

Diwali is delight and full of light, light and light

We prepare special sweets and enjoy fireworks at night

Pollution we have to take care

Solution of pollution has to be found out

Let us make this Diwali a green Diwali.


In Diwali people spend good amount of money

Enjoy the holiday with various ways they like

Snacks and special sweets are prepared in the houses

With new clothes people enjoy royal feast

With love and respect people come together

To strengthen the bond of friendship and brotherhood

Religion is never a bar

People of all religion can enjoy the fun and fair

This is an opportunity to bond well with people

There is no opposition from any quarter.


Tradition we love

Tradition we respect and care

But how can we forget the nature, atmosphere and our planet my dear?

Of course, we are always for celebrations

But can we make the celebration at the cost of our future generation?

We have to make the celebrations more social as well as more personal with caution and care.


Can we make it a festival of hearts, hearts and hearts?

A time to be more with family, friends as well as our society

Let our happy hearts light up our society

Let our happy hearts light up our neighborhood

Let everybody be in good mood

Let us get together, bond together

Let us all have a good hearty and healthy meal together

Let us think of green, creative and enjoyable Diwali

New dawn for eco-friendly Diwali

Let us enjoy keeping our atmosphere neat and clean and enjoyable, please.


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English Poet – Ratikanta Singh