India is country of festivals, festivals and many festivals

But Durga Puja is the longest festival

It is celebrated throughout the country with different names

But always symbolizing the victory of good over evil

The northern and Western part of our country celebrate Navaratri

Eastern India becomes busy enjoying and celebrating Durga Puja


Durga Puja was originally Basanti Puja celebrated during the Spring season

Now celebrated as Durga Puja in the month of September-October

Let us go back to the olden days and remember Rama of Ramayana

Before going to war against Ravana, Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Mahisha Mardini

Since this day Durga Puja has been celebrated across the country

Maa Durga’s names and festivals are different in different parts of our country

Western India celebrates it as Navaratri and festival of Garba-Dandiya

Northern States have Ram Lila in honor of Lord Rama


Our Southern India calls it Golu or Bonalu

Swami Vivekananda also started a new tradition

The tradition of worshiping young girls

Worshipped them as divine feminine power and called it Kumari Puja

People fasted and offered foods to the young girls

Durga Puja has the idol of towering Goddess Maa Durga killing Mahishashura    

But there is a story of soil used for the idol

The soil is brought from a brothel as it is considered as the purest place


It is believed that a man leaves all his purity at the entrance of the brothel

Maa Durga’s idols are made of pure soil and we see the beauty,

grace and strength of Maa Durga

Maa Durga is pure, serene and dazzling with inner force  

The Bhakti people show to the Shakti is unparallel

It symbolizes the victory of good over evil

We all want your blessings Maa Shakti

 We all want your blessings Maa Durga

Let everybody be happy

Let there be peace

This world is ours

Maa, you are our savior

Maa, you are our protector.