Quotes :

  1. Democracy is not just an election. It is our daily life. …TSAI ING-WEN.
  1. Politicians all too often think about the next election. Statesmen think about the next generation. …LINDA LINGLE.
  1. One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective. Election and power are. …CAL THOMAS.
  1. Win or lose, we go shopping after the election. …IMELDA MARCOS.
  1. In every election in American history both parties have their clichés. The party that has the clichés that ring true wins. …NEWT GINGRICH.
  1. This is a frightening statistic. More people vote in ‘American Idol’ than in any US election. …RUSH LIMBAUGH.
  1. You cannot win an election without a fight. …TONY ABBOTT.
  1. In my world – advertising – the Super Bowl is judgment day. If politicians have Election Day and Hollywood has the Oscars, advertising has the Super Bowl. …JERRY DELLA FEMINA.
  1. We have given up office, but not our responsibility to serve the nation. We have lost an election, but not our determination. …ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE.
  1. It’s time we stopped ignoring the environment. Let’s not let another election go by without making this a high priority. …DAVID SUZUKI.
  1. What’s important my election into the CEO role at Deloitte is to provide a role model for the next generation of diverse leaders at Deloitte. …CATHY ENGELBERT.
  1. Trump’s election could be a blessing in disguise. This is the opportunity for America to correct itself. …BERNICE KING.
  1. To preserve our sovereign integrity, we must prove to them nobody need tell us how to hold a clear and democratic election. …FERDINAND MARCOS.
  1. Silence is not what democracy needs. Right now we have an election where, even the supporters of Hillary Clinton, the majority don’t support Hillary; they just oppose Donald Trump. And the majority of Donald Trump supporters don’t support him; they just oppose Hillary. …JILL STEIN.
  1. Election days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a government which represents all of us and not just the one percent – a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice – that struggle continues. …BERNIE SANDERS.
  1. Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment – by the corrupt few. …GEORGE BERNARD SHAW.
  1. Regardless of who wins, and election should be time for optimism and fresh approaches. …GARY JOHNSON.
  1. I’ve often heard the complaint from both Democrat and Republican voters alike that they had the fact that politicians get into office and they – and they’re fearful, they’re fearful to make tough decisions because they think more about the next election than they do about the next – generation. …SCOTT WALKER.
  1. It is heartbreaking that so many hundreds of millions of people around the world are desperate for the right to vote, but here in American people stay home on Election Day. …MOBY.
  1. Elections are not a beauty contest. It is all about tolerance….VLADIMIR FRANZ. 
  1. Winning or losing of the election is less important that strengthening the country….INDIRA GANDHI.
  1. An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it. …GEORGE BERNARD SHAW.
  1. In an election, one needs both hope and audacity. …FRANCOIS HOLLANDE.
  1. Election determines who is in power, but they do not determine how power is used. …PAUL COLLIER.
  1. During an election campaign the air is full of speeches and vice versa. …HENRY ADAMS.
  1. In elections, the undecided vote is usually the deciding factor. …EVAN ESAR.
  1. Elections are about the future. …NANCY PELOSI.
  1. An election is an opportunity for new consensus. …MARTIN O MALLEY.
  1. Every election is determined by the people who show up. …LARRY J.SABATO.
  1. I believe that voting is the first act of building a community, as well as building a country. …JOHN ENSIGN.
  2. By voting, we add our voice to the chorus that forms opinions and the basis for actions. …JENS STOLTENBERG.
  1. Voting is as much as emotional act as it is an intellectual one. …MONICA CROWLEY.
  1. Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world. …SHARON SALZBERG. 

…Ratikanta Singh.