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Virender Sehwag is a former Indian and former captain of the Indian National Cricket Team. He has proved himself and is also regarded as one of the most destructive batsman of all time. Let us know more about Virender Sehwag and Virender Sehwag quotes.

Virender Sehwag was a right-handed aggressive opening batsman. He was also a part-time right-arm off-spin bowler.

He became a part of Indian One Day International Team in 1999 and part of Indian Test Team in 2001.

He is the former occasional captain of India. Also former Vice-captain of India. He is also the former captain of Delhi Dare Devils and Delhi Ranji Team.

Quotes :

01. When I was a kid, my first dream was to play Test matches, and the second one was to play 100 Test matches because there are very few people who have played 100 Tests for India. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

02. The most important thing for any athlete is to know his ability. If you know your ability and have even a little bit of a strong mind set, you can get success, because your ability takes you to success. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

03. In my view, if you have good or bad technique, it doesn’t matter. But you will survive if you can adjust your game at International level, you are mentally strong, you know your strength and how to score runs. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

04. When I was growing up, I played a lot of 10 – and 12 over games, and I would bat in the middle order. I got only 10 odd balls to face, and I tried to score as much as I could. I applied the same approach in domestic and International cricket, and people were appreciating my strike rate being more than 80 or 90 in Test cricket. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

05. If you know your game, you can handle pressure; you can handle any kind of situation, back yourself, and play your own game and get success. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

06. Because I knew I had got success at Ranji level, I was confident I would get some success in International cricket too. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

07. I don’t bother about image. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

08. I write what I like. I don’t bother what people think about it. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

09. When I began my life journey, we would survive on Rs. 500 a month as a family. As time passed and I started playing for the country, this Rs. 500 multiplied manifold, what it was not the money that matter: it was the fact that I was fulfilling my ambition of playing cricket on the highest platform, representing my country. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

10. I never thought of breaking a record. The only ambition I had was to become the fastest century maker for India, which I did when I broke Azharuddin’s record. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

11. As for my batting, the best part about it is I have never changed it. I have never changed my thinking. I have never changed my batting style. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

12. One should always be happy, irrespective of what you achieve in a match or in life. That’s how I live my life. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

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Virender Sehwag
Sehwag 72 (cropped).jpg

Sehwag at a promotional event in January 2013.

Personal information
Full name Virender Sehwag
Born 20 October 1978 (age 41)
Nickname Viru, Nawab of Najafgarh, Sultan of Multan
Batting Right-handed
Bowling Right arm off break
Role Opening batsman
International information
National side
Test debut (cap 239) 3 November 2001 v South Africa
Last Test 2 March 2013 v Australia
ODI debut (cap 123) 1 April 1999 v Pakistan
Last ODI 3 January 2013 v Pakistan
ODI shirt no. blank  [1]
T20I debut (cap 9) 1 December 2006 v South Africa
Last T20I 2 October 2012 v South Africa
Domestic team information
Years Team
1997–2014 Delhi
2015 Haryana
2003 Leicestershire
2008–2013 Delhi Daredevils
2014–2015 Kings XI Punjab
2017 Maratha Arabians
2018 Diamonds XI
Career statistics
Competition Test ODI FC LA
Matches 104 251 194 332
Runs scored 8,586 8,273 14,683 10,454
Batting average 49.34 35.05 47.36 34.05
100s/50s 23/32 15/38 42/55 16/57
Top score 319 219 319 219
Balls bowled 3,731 4,392 8,614 6,009
Wickets 40 96 105 142
Bowling average 47.35 40.13 42.57 36.29
5 wickets in innings 1 0 1 0
10 wickets in match 0 0 0 0
Best bowling 5/104 4/6 5/104 4/6
Catches/stumpings 91/– 93/– 166/– 120/–
Source: ESPNcricinfo, 6 January 2016

13. If you are disciplined, it shows you are organized. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

14. It doesn’t matter if you have one billion rupees in your bank account or one rupee. This is one life you get, and you would rather spend it enjoying whatever you have, rather than thinking, “Oh, I should have scored seven more runs, or I should get more money”. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

15. I lose around a couple of crores every year on the school, but even if I was to make profit from it, I would never use it for myself. I would plough every penny back into improving facilities for the school. Just as I do with the Cricket Academies. I run around the country. These are not for making money; for that, I have other avenues. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

16. My style is my strength. It is my natural game. That is how I grew up and scored most of my runs. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

17. I curse myself if I get out without making a 100 after crossing 40. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

18. When I play a cover-drive, I play it to score runs. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

19. I have matured in my shot selection but will not discard my style. I don’t believe in wasting balls. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

20. My best India vs. Pakistan moment is from our first match in the ICC World T20, 2007, which was a tie. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

21. If I had planned to score double and triple hundreds. I would probably not have made them ever. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

22. When you start the game, coaches will tell you to do stuff in a particular way, and kids do that. But the moment you start first-class cricket, the coach needs to tell you, ‘try this, try that’, instead of, ‘do this, do that’. If you feel comfortable, you can take it; otherwise, leave it. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

23. There were a lot of players who gave me suggestions when I was young. At times, they were very good suggestions, and I took them seriously, applied them to my batting, and got success after that. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

24. I was a middle order batsman who was too good against spin and hit sixes consistently in Under-19 and Ranji Cricket, and I still have the same confidence. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

25. It doesn’t matter whether you move your feet or not, if your head is still and body is in balance, you can score lots of runs. This I learned from Tendulkar. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

26. When I faced the likes of Sohaib Akhtar and Brett Lee for the first time, I had a little bit of fear in my mind. My thoughts were, “would I be able to face them? Would I be able to play them? Would I be able to hit boundaries? There were so many questions and fear, also, that if the ball doesn’t hit my bat, it might hit me on the body”. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

27. I love to score runs rather than defending or leaving the ball. That is an important aspect of my batting: I don’t want to waste balls in any form of the game. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

28. A youngster should know his game first. If he knows his game, he can modify it at all the top level if required. But if he doesn’t know his game, then it is difficult to get success at International level. You will get success occasionally but not regularly. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

29. As a cricketer, everybody has a dream to play for your country. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

30. I would want to change my name to Sachin Tendulkar if I could do it. He has tons of records; I am not even close to him. He is called as the ‘God’, and who would not want to be a God in this mortal world. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

31. During the peak of my career, I used to pick the ball as soon it was released from the bowler’s hands. And I hit the ball through the line. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

32. When I was growing up, we would play a 10-over or 15-over game, and asking rate would always be high, and I would end up scoring 30 to 40 runs in 15 balls, so I built that mind set from the beginning and still continue to bat in the same manner. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

33. When I took up cricket seriously, I wanted to play for India. When my dream was achieved, I thought what next? Then a fellow cricketer told me, ‘playing for India is easy, playing 10-15 years is difficult’. Then I change my dream to play 100 Test matches. I achieved that as well. Now there is nothing to achieve, so I am just enjoying things. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

34. I was afraid of facing only one bowler – that was Muttiah Murlitharan. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

35. I always tell myself to bat the full day, and if there is a ball to be hit, just hit it. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

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36. I have been successful as an opener, but who knows, may be I would have been more successful in the middle order. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

37. I thought I could have breached Brian Lara’s 400 runs. When I score 319, I was unbeaten at 309 but then got out. So I think I could have reached that mark but unfortunately I missed it. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

38. Does it make a difference if I score 8000 or 10000 runs in Test cricket? Not in anybody’s life. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

39. Every player has his own mantra of working on his physique. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

40. Fitness has nothing to do as age. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

41. I have a Gym at home where I do weight training as well as cardio. I love doing bench press but cannot share information on how much weight I lift. I also practice Yoga. My Guru Sadhguru taught me different kriyas like Surya Namaskar, which I do for my personal well being. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

42. Like life, the beauty of sports is that no two periods are identical. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

43. When I grew up, I tried to score off every ball, be it a 10-over-match, a 20-over or even a Test match. If I stay in the wicket for, say, about 30 minutes, I want to make the most of it and score maximum run possible. You never know when you get out; try to score as much as possible before that. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

44. There are very rare occasions when you get a good wicket to bat on, but whatever wicket we get, you have to play at least 20 overs for your side. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

45. We never thought that there would be another Sachin Tendulkar. But Virat Kohli has changed this mind set. I think Virat can surpass Tendulkar’s records. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

46. After you score 300 runs in one innings, you begin to feel that every innings should be close to this one. Of course, I know that won’t happen. But I will be disappointed if I get going well and am unable to convert it into a huge score. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

47. Cricketers are worried about their milestones, worried that they should score 5000-10000 Test runs, but I am not fussy. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

48. People say I take too many risks. But the fact is, there are risks involved in every shot. You can get out trying to defend a ball as well. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

49. I think if you think so much, you simply cannot bat. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

50. Experience always enables you to handle pressure better. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

51. There are days when you make runs, and there will be a dry spell. Like in business, every year you don’t make profits. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

52. As an International player, the players have to adapt to the condition no matter what the situation is. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

53. Australia always gives a tough fight, and that’s why every player wants to perform against Australia. When you perform against Australia, England, and South-Africa, you automatically earn more respect. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

54. Playing for India was a memorable journey, and I tried to make it more memorable for my teammates and the Indian Cricket Fans. I believe that I was reasonably successful in doing so. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

55. I have lived my dream and played at the finest of cricket ground across the globe, and I want to thank the grounds man, clubs, associations, and everyone who painstakingly prepare the arena for our performances. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

56. I don’t like to party. I like to spend time with my family on my birthday. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

57. If a player fails to perform in four or five consecutive matches, he should be dropped irrespective of whether he is a senior or a junior player. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

58. If you know how to score runs, you can perform in any format. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

59. We don’t need to run 5-6 kilometers, even in a Test match. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

60. Sledging is an important part of the game, but you should never cross the line. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

61. God has been kind, and I have done what I wanted to do – on the field and in my life. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

62. There has been the negative impact of spot-fixing and match-fixing but it is the individual player’s responsibility to look after that because if a player wants to do that, it is difficult to stop him. It is the individual player’s responsibility to play fairly. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

63. I would never want a guy who is not a natural keeper. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

64. To say that I wanted to become the captain is entirely incorrect. When Dhoni became captain and I played under him, we won the T20 World Cup. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

65. I would like to thank all my captains who believed in me and backed me to the hilt. I also thank our greatest partner, the Indian Cricket Fan, for all the love, support, and memories. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

66. I don’t think it’s correct to blame the captain. He at least tries to keep all together so that the team plays well, plays positive cricket, and wins the match for the country, and not think about only winning and earning a name for himself. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG

67. To say that captain makes the team lose or win is not correct. …..VIRENDER SEHWAG


First Class Debut :

Virender Sehwag made his First Class debut against Tamil Nadu in February 1998. But he did not get a chance to bat in the game. This game turned out to be his only first class match that season.

His First, First Class Tone :

Virender Sehwag could get his First Class tone in his second first class game when he was just 20 years old. In this game he came to Bat No. 7, he scored 118 runs from 147 balls. His innings had 16 fours and 3 sixes.

Performance in the first season :

He also picked up two wickets in this match. In the entire season he scored 745 runs from eight matches at an average of just above 62. He also scored 3 hundreds and 4 fifties in that season. He took 14 wickets at 25.42 apiece. This helped him to get national call. He was also named in the 19 probable lists from the World Clup 1999.

Test Debut:

Virender Sehwag made his Test debut in late 2001 against South Africa. He scored 105 runs but Indian team lost the match.


  • Virender Sehwag has nick names like – Viru, Nawab of Najafgarh, Sultan of Multan (following his triple century in Multan, Pakistan). He is also called as “Prince of Najafgarh” as well as “Little Tendulkar”.
  • Virender Sehwag is the only batsman in the history of cricket to have scored more than 7500 runs both in Test and ODI as an opener.
  • Along with Sir Donald Bradman, Virender Sehwag is the only batsman to make three test scores of more than 290 runs.
  • He won 31 “Players of the Match Awards” in Tests and ODIs combined. This has placed him in the third position. The highest “Player of the Match Award” is occupied by Sachin Tendulkar with 76 awards and second position goes to Sourav Ganguly with 37 awards.
  • Sehwag is considered to be a “Happy-go-Lucky” man and considered to be a funny and a daring batsman.
  • He is fond of romantic Hindi film songs and music.
  • His favourite singers are Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonshle, Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu.
  • He passes his time playing tennis, badminton, table tennis and pool.
  • On his debut Test Match against South Africa in 2001 Virender Sehwag was banned by Umpire Mike Dennis for over appealing.
  • Sehwag scored a century on his debut test, but was unfortunately banned and could not play the next match.
  • Virender Sehwag was banned from playing cricket by his father when he was twelve, when he broke a tooth during a cricket match. He escaped the ban with the help of his mother.
  • He used to sing while batting.


The remarkable achievement of Virender Sehwag includes fastest scoring 150, 200, 250 and 300 runs in Test Innings.

Also he is the fastest to reach the 150 and 200 marks in the ODIs.

Virender Sehwag is the proud recipient of Wisden Leading cricketer in the world twice in 2008 and 2009. He is the only Indian cricketer to get it twice.

He received Arjuna Award in 2002 and Padmashree Award in 2010.


From the quotes of Virender Sehwag and his unique achievements it can very well be said that he is a talented, daring and happy-go-lucky cricketer of India. He took everything on his stride. He made everything look so easy in unique way.

Today we find his sense of humor in social media too. Looking into his experience as a player, coach etc. he will surely going to play an important role in the cricketing world in the future.

Good luck to Virender Sehwag.

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