Valentine' Day


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Valentine’s Day is gaining significance year after year throughout the world. It is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast Saint Valentine. It is annually celebrated on February 14. It is a busy, colourful and lovely day. On this day people send Greeting Cards and gifts. There are church services. We also find dating happening all-around. The atmosphere on this day becomes an atmosphere of love, love and love.

For this occasion let us enjoy a poem….




Hello and Hi…

When I was madly in love

There was no Valentine’s Day

Now we are refined and permanent lovers

Wow! There is Valentine’s Day, a unique day for lovers.

Hello and Hi…

Can a single day be chosen for love?

Come on…

Express love everyday

Love should be for a lifetime

Not to be dedicated for a single day.

Hello and Hi…

For some, love may blossom on this day

Love may be ready to go a long way

For some, love may take a new shape and reach a new level

Your love may become a new story to tell.

Hello and Hi…

Love is just love

It comes out everyday

Love is just love

It remains in the heart everyday.

Hello and Hi…

Love is for pleasure

We should not measure

Love is great treasure

Keep it intact for ever.

Hello and Hi…

Love is always special

To be expressed everyday

Truly and honestly on many other ways.

Hello and Hi…

Love is love

Beyond any caste, creed and colour

Love is love

Let it sign with new humanistic flavour.

….Ratikanta Singh.


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  1. It’s xtrmly good sir n very much contemporary 2. At this age you still fond of heavenly love. That’s great.

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