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I and you spoil the environment/nature

Regularly but slowly

Environment may retaliate

Very very strongly any day.

You may take years

To spoil the environment


Environment or nature

May take a few seconds or few minutes

To spoil you permanently.




Read my poems

No stress to brain.

Read my poems

You will always enjoy and gain.



Strength & Motivation

My biggest strength

I am always self-motivated

My biggest motivation

Running after my goals

Self-set and self-created.



Simple life

I lead a simple life

Simplicity is my style.

I don’t go for complicated things

It’s not my cup of tea.



Simple man

Simple poem from a simple man

Simple things told in a simplest way.

To be simple is a herculean task

Many try with many masks.

I am simply natural without any mask

Even able to do toughest tasks.




You never kill your hopes

You have courage to hope against hope

You are so hopeful

Your thoughts are so beautiful and powerful

Anybody can fall for you

Nobody can stop adoring you.




English Poet – Ratikanta Singh