Celebration of his Birthday is Guru Purab as well as Guru Nanak Jayanti

This is one of the most sacred days of Sikh community

Yes, all festivals of Sikhs surround the ten Gurus of Sikh

Their contribution is great for the improvement of Sikh religion and Sikh community.


Guru Nanak Jayanti or Guru Purab is an auspicious day for the Sikh community

All the Gurudwaras start the day with early morning prayers

Rituals are the same in all the Gurudwaras

Celebration starts two days (48 hours) before the Guru Nanak Jayanti by reading the holy book Guru Granth Saheb

The Gurudwaras are decorated beautifully

On the second day 24 hours before the Guru Nanak Jayanti there is a religious march

This religious march is led by five people

Sikh flag “Nishan Saheb” is carried by the five people leading the religious march

There are other four main members who carry the Palki or Carriage

The carriage contains the holy book Guru Granth Saheb

All the other members march along singing hymns and other folk lores.


After the march is over, there comes the time to display bravery

It is well-known that Sikh community is known for their bravery

Swordsmen show their art of swordmanship

This is shown by mocking to many battles fought by their Gurus with traditional weapons

After completion of 48 hours there comes the most auspicious day Guru Purab

The puja and the chanting begins early in the morning by 5.00AM

Followed by reading their holy book and kirtan (hymn chanting)

A langer or community meal is usually organized

People from different walks of life are welcome to be part of the Jayanti celebration

Traditional vegetarian foods are served to the guests.


People of almost all classes and background come together for the celebration

At around 1.20AM Gurbani is sung

This is the actual time at which Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born

The kirtan ends at around 2.00AM making the end of the Birth Anniversary

This day is a great day for people of Sikh community and Northen belt of India

The Sindhis also celebrate this festival

On this auspicious day Melas or Fairs are organized

There is a splendid display of bravery by the swordsmen

Visit to North India during November or this festival time is enjoyable and worthwhile.


The tourists enjoy buying culture-based artifacts like the traditional talwars and kartars

Fulkaridupattas, karas are also available to purchase in the fairs

In the fairs and melas delicious delicacies are must and people enjoy it very much

Guru Nanak Jayanti (Birth Anniversary) brings a sense of togetherness among the people

It also brings up positivity in the environment

Sikh, Punjabi and Bhangra go hand-in-hand and people get good amount of Bhangra Dance

Beats of Drums and fireworks add beauty and glamour to the festival.


Lucky people get the opportunity to take a dip in the holy water

This is exactly in the middle of the Golden Temple

With the holy dip here, all the sins are washed away and person becomes clean

In the Golden Temple, Amritsar, there is a big langer

Thousands of people are served with good hygienic food

Tourist Volunteers are allowed at Gurudwaras and temples to help

Tourists are eager to provide help in kitchen, serving and cleaning up the premises

This can be called as absolute experience for the tourists

They get lot of satisfaction and peace of mind.


During Gunu Nanak Jayanti mostly in November everything best of Sikhs is available in Northern India

One can get the glimpse of fashion to bravery to food to religiousness

The beauty of enjoyment increases a lot because Guru Nanak Jayanti is no doubt the most organized festival ever in India

We are able to see everything about Sikh religion

We can appreciate the people and their way of life

India is a great country

India is incredible

Sikhs have rich tradition and culture

Let us live together and appreciate each other

But in this new world culture, let us keep our unique identity for ever

Let Guru Nank Dev Ji’s blessings be for all humanity

Let us all live in peace and prosperity.


Ratikanta Singh