Sourav Dada, the prince of Kolkata

A natural leader

A real fighter

Never afraid of competition

Full of determination

Encouraged his juniors

Plays the role of a mentor

He believed in himself and team effort

Always proved to be a great motivator.


He took the reins of Indian Cricket

When there was a match fixing racket

Even under such a situation

He could build a strong team

Brought Indian team to mainstream

Other teams started to show respect

Dada could improve our winning prospect.


Sourav Dada, the prince of Kolkata

Brought the killer instinct

Always a players’ person, never that strict

But he brought the result which was needed the most

Of course through team spirit and killer instinct.


In recent years, there was trouble in BCCI

Dada is now the leader, President of BCCI

In the past in different times

Dada has shown his caliber

Now he has to lead again

To show example to others

Many things of BCCI has to be sorted out

In administration, Dada cannot be run out.


Sourav Dada, the prince of Kolkata

Ready to take over as a world-wide Dada

But now tough days are ahead for BCCI

Dada is tougher, cooler, cleverer and straightforward

Certainly will handle everything

Dada we look forward for a great administrative innings from you

Please give new direction, dimension and stability

To BCCI that it has never seen.

Good luck Dada, Good luck…



English Poet – Ratikanta Singh