Today I am changing my gear.  Yes – I want to change my creative gear.  I have been writing short poems for quite some time now.  I have already published a book titled ‘My Short Poems’ in English in the last year 2017.  This year, I have decided to publish two books.  One will be short poems in Odia and the other one will be short poems /Sher o Shayari in Hindi. I am very much determined to publish them as basic work has already been done.  By 2019 I will have four books published to my credit.  Please wish me Good Luck.

Now I have started writing medium to long poems.  So, this is a creative gear change for me.  As an experiment, let me place before you the poem which is written about me, my poem and about you too.  Here we go friends…


I may not be able to write
Great poems liked by all
But let me write from my heart
Let people know how good my heart is!

Poem for me are
Experience and experience sharing
Many a time
They may be more than the truth
For me and many others too.

I know…
Writing anything is tough
I encourage you to write
I cannot force you to write
Let us just start writing
You may also enjoy this
You will feel like a creator
Practice and practice writing
You can be an entertainer.

Not much vocabulary is there
In my small memory
But it is a store house
With unique experience
And it’s a unique library of feelings.

Through my poems
I don’t like to teach or preach
But certainly encourage you to
Please see it for yourself
Both the dark and bright side of life.

You can interpret my feelings
Through your own experience and judgment
Only truth will be placed before you
You may take it as a small brief for life.
I know…you also know…
Life cannot be all dark
Life cannot be all bright
But very softly, politely and humbly
I will always say
You – yourself
Can make or break your life
Life is yours and you are the captain
Choice is yours and you are the captain.


How do you like this, medium size or long size poems written by me. Thus I have changed my gear and this may continue for some time.  At the same time I will also continue to go on writing short poems. Please give your response on the above poem.  Also encourage me through your comments positive or negative so that it can be a learning point for me.



Ratikanta Singh.