Hey! Tell me please…
If you want to transform your productivity
If you want to aim for high productivity with creativity
If you wish to have a useful, practical and sensible end product
That can bring high utility value
If you want that the product should give you a lot of satisfaction and pleasure
Then, tell me please…
Which are the ways and means to increase or transform your productivity? 

Hey! Tell me please…
Do you make the most of your time?
Are you a smart worker or hard worker?
How do you manage your time?
Do you break your task into small actions?
Complete the task faster by completing small small actions
Are you in the habit of finding ways and means?
Do you want to become better and faster?
Hey! Hear me please…
Take regular breaks to improve your concentration
This will help you in maintaining constant performance
Please de-stress yourself for better performance
Stress decreases productivity
De-stress yourself to improve and increase productivity
Be open-minded, be receptive
Be ready to accept new ideas and learn more
More knowledge will help you to produce more and earn more. 

Hey! Tell me please…
Are you planning carefully by understanding your goals?
Clear goals will help a lot
There will be no project failure
Never forget to have self-imposed deadlines
Deadlines may bring some stress and worry
Little bit of stress and worry required for better focus and better results
Please accomplish things on daily basis
Set daily goals and complete daily goals
Take the help of to-do list
Focus on the most important things
Please bear in mind that all things in the to-do list is not urgent
First thing first should be well understood and well executed
Please tell your brain to do uninterrupted work
With cent per cent focus and concentration only on one task
Make this a habit and result will be fantastic
Better even to practice mindfulness or meditation daily
Forget multi-tasking, try mono-tasking on one work with full concentration
Remember real productivity comes from mono-tasking
But in a natural way take a break after 90 minutes
This 90 minutes cycle of break will break the monotony
It will give the new energy and concentration to go ahead for the second 90 minutes
Allow yourself to enjoy with a coffee or tea break
Relax and pave the way for quality work for the whole day. 

Hey! Tell me please…
Hey! Hear me please…
Can you live without a Smartphone?
Is it not a time waster?
Is it not destruction?
Many research say Cell phone eats away our time
But there are Apps that save our time
Still – let’s utilize cell phone judiciously
Let us leverage productivity tools properly
Also learn to delegate things
But never forget to measure and track our progress regularly
Let’s make our workplace clean
With healthy atmosphere people enjoy working
Tension free work culture with result-oriented approach
Will certainly help everybody to escape from the comfort zone
Daily target will be known to all
Transparency of management with best modern tools
Will increase the confidence and efficiency of people

Hey! Tell me please…
Without team’s energy and team’s spirit
Can people give their best results that we need?
Human resources you and me
We can do wonders, go beyond boundaries
Provided we get the right atmosphere, right approach and proper understanding
Hey! Dear friends…
We all have immense power, immense energy
We are yet to explore them properly
We all can be highly productive
Let us follow whatever has been discussed thoroughly
Let us believe in ourselves
Let us be optimistic and say boldly that we are the most creative persons in this world
Yes, what we think and believe will happen
Our day-to-day disciplined activities will certainly help great result to sharpen and sharpen
We can be happy to declare that…
“We can become a very very productive man”.

…Ratikanta singh