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Sixth episode is ready for you. Some more information I want to share. As I have mentioned earlier the information/news are taken from Newspapers, TV and Internet.  I am not adding anything from my side. Just I am playing the role of a compiler so that you can get some of the important information from this article.  This time I am giving 15 points/information in this regard.

  1. Apna Dal Falls in Line, accepts two Lok Sabha Seats in NDA :

After playing blow hot blow cold against BJP, Anupriya Patel led Apna Dal(A) finally accepted the status quo and agreed to contest in two Lok Sabha Seats as a part of the NDA Alliance from Uttar Pradesh after a meeting with Amit Shah at the Party Head Quarter in New Delhi.

  1. Now Manifesto release is part of Model Code :

The Commission has now made the release of Election Manifesto a part of Model Code of Conduct (MCC).  It has barred political parties from releasing Election Manifesto in the last 48 hours before Polling.  In the seven-phase elections, parties cannot release Manifesto in the last 48 hours before each phase on April 11, 18, 23, 29 and May 6, 12 and 19.

  1. India now has 2293 Political Parties :

(EC data says 149 registered between January and March 2019).  The Election Commission of India’s latest data on political parties registered till March 2019, the day before the Lok Sabha Election was announced… out of 2293 Political Parties 7 are recognised National Parties and 59 are recognised State Parties.

  1. EC asks ATC to share details of Chartered Flights :

In order to monitor poll related expenditure, the Election Commission has asked the Air Traffic Control Department to share the details of Chartered Flights and Helicopters used for election purpose with the State Chief Electoral Officer.

  1. TMC forms Cell to win over Hindi Speaking Voters.
  1. NDA announces Seat-sharing for Lok Sabha Polls in Bihar :

Out of 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar, the BJP and JDU will contest 17 seats each and the LJP in 6 seats.

  1. Former IAS Officer Shah Faesal on Sunday 17.03.2019 launched his political outfit – Jammu & Kashmir Peoples’ Movement (JKPM), promising a youth-oriented politics and to become a voice to help bridge the gap between the state and the centre and India and Pakistan.
  1. Cash Flow in 110 Lok Sabha Seats under EC watch :

More than 110 Lok Sabha Constituencies have been identified as “expenditure sensitive” or prone to influence through money power in the upcoming general election according to Election Commission. The number is likely to be 150 Lok Sabha seats out of 543 as inputs from more states are filed.

  1. On EC Radar :

All constituencies in Tamil Nadu and more than half in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Bihar, Karnataka and Gujarat have been assessed as expenditure sensitive.  Two Expenditure Observers to be sent to each of these Constituencies.

  1. Special watch of the Multi Department Expenditure Committee and all Enforcement Agencies on the seats.
  1. EC watch will deepen further to identify expenditure sensitive pockets across constituencies.
  1. The 2019 App Battle :

Namo App – Launched June 11, 2015.  It has seen over 10 million downloads so far.

  • Available in 13 languages, latest addition is Urdu.
  • Over 6,50,000 people from 502 seats participating ‘People’s Pulse’ survey to assess popularity of MPs.
  • BJP accepting micro-donations on the App since last September 2018, also seeks volunteers for BJP.

Namo Merchandise worth Rs. 5.2 crore sold in three months of launch till December 2018.

  1. The 2019 App Battle :

Shakti App – Rahul Gandhi launched it in March 2018.

  • It is a Platform for Congress workers.
  • So far, 65,00,000 workers have been registered.
  • The way ahead is pushing tailor-made message for each constituency through Ghar Ghar Congress App.
  1. Chandrababu Naidu Mobile App :

Launched last April, it enables citizens to connect and interact with Andhra Pradesh CMO, keep track of the CM’s trips and the Andhra Pradesh Government’s policies and initiatives.  Downloads 50,000.

  1. Biju Janata Dal App :

Launched in December last year to send notifications to users about BJD activities.  It asks users for their Mobile number and constituency details.  Downloads 50,000 plus.

….Compiled by Ratikanta Singh

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