(I have completed one year of Blogging)

Dear Friends, 

30th November 2017, I started blogging through my website, www.ratikantasingh.com.  Let me share a short poem to celebrate the completion of a year of blogging career….

Let me celebrate my first anniversary of blogging
Wow! It’s a great feeling!
Wow! It’s a great achievement!!
Wow! I wonder and feel I have done it!!!
Wow! I am special, I am different and anybody can see it.
I have started thinking I am great
I am enthused to achieve more and more
So God, bless me to grow and grow. 

I have become great in my own eyes
I have been more disciplined and dedicated
I am telling you the truth and these are not lies
I know how much labour I have put in every evening
I just want to create and create something. 

Every month I write nine articles or posts
They give me the new energy and enthusiasm a lot
Now many who know my job, acknowledge it today
They want to search me in the web every day.

 Hey friends!
I am recharged, energized and feel like a warrior
In 2019 – I have decided to be a YouTuber
I don’t know what type of channel I will start
But certainly confident, to motivate and help you to become smart. 

You may call me and brand me
As a Ladla Uncle Dafliwalla in the YouTube
I will try to be a real helper and guide for you
Motivation, knowledge and experience I will share
I really love you all, and really care.

Hey friends,
Let us help each other and build new atmosphere
Let this world become an enjoyable place to live here
Wow! Dear Friends
Wish me all the best
East or West – let ratikantasingh.com be the best
Let it be a catalyst for inspiration
A solid place for motivation
To move in life with confidence and satisfaction
Friends, let’s be together
Friends, let’s help each other
For our bright future
And our bright career. 

…Ratikanta Singh