India is country of cultures where poetry is very common medium of express. Initially, in Vedic era, Sanskrit poems were written by poets while later in the duration of Mughal era Urdu poems flourished. Ratikanta Singh is one of the famous poet in India. He wrote variety of poetries on the basis of different traditions of India. The huge number of poets stood out over time for their unique writings and influencing effect on the society. on Modern Indian poetry. He is one such writer in India who wrote numerous poems in Hindi, English and Odia languages.

Majority of his writings are mainly for motivating the youth of the country. He even uploaded number of motivational videos on his poems on YouTube which made him more popular. Along with that, he is also a famous blogger who is associated with writing articles in Newspapers. Over time his blogs become popular he became a dedicated blogger of Indiaon the internet.

He is author in India who wrote book of short poems. This book has 201 inspiring and motivating short poems which aim towards motivating the youth of the country.  While writing the poems he kept mind the practical situations of the lives of the youth. Though he is a famous poet in India but he writes his poems with an intention to offer self-help, self-realization, and self-management to other.

Thus, when reader read the lines of the poem, they can connect themselves with it. Usually, poems seem to talk, smile, sing as well as express emotions as per the situation. When you read through the poems you will find that it seems that the poems talk, smile, laugh, sing and become serious when required. The lines are written in rhyming, non-rhyming or in a prosaic form. Such writing techniques makes him a famous poet of India.