Business As Usual:-

Business occurs conventionally in a market place with the interaction of seller and buyer either through interface physically or electronically. There is trade-off between selling price and buying price and concurrence occurs with agreement of both sides.

Business Unusual:-

But business unusual sometimes does not tread the beaten track. It takes innovative steps sometimes unconventional and unthinkable also. The parties involved in the business are intuitive, exploring and critically analyzing too.

Selling your labour  (Service Class) Big Business
Part Self-employed Investor (small to medium)
Small Business/ Enterprise doing oneself Owning the Business or bigway Investor

Business unusual also contributes to substantial wealth creation. The formula reveals as Wc= I (input) X T (time horizon) X F (Fc compatibility factor) X Fa (aspirational factor).

Wealth Creation:-
The Wealth creation is very important as evident from its application of the graphic below.

The philosophy of these four quadrants is optimal utilization of available resource. There is a saying that “Never ever allow your assets to idle and never ever allow your liabilities to sit on your head”. We have to make such an arrangement of economic cycle of man that each quadrant is inter related to the other in a clock-wise manner. This movement as it rotates on the principle of churning of economic activities can go on increasing the area to be covered by which through such economic activity circle enhances the economic status of the person. This cyclic movement is based on two forces of centripetal and centrifugal force of balanced transactions to upgrade the man’s economic life.

Beyond  Beaten Track:-

There are many businesses which can grow beyond the beaten track. The examples being waste material management, controlling storage of production of perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, fish & meat etc., the gems & jewelry purchase and sale on valuation, harnessing the forces of nature like wind, solar heat, artificially creating rains, sharing data of items not looked intently because of lack of knowledge of processing etc.

Looking beyond the conventional side of economic life cycle of the human being the person can take interest in some products in his imagination which can excite the society to accept it as a valuable or interesting product of benefit. So, they are unconventional.


The probing mind of human being curiously seek to invent/ discover a product which is produced differently may be through disruptive innovation and has a mass appeal and also has a minimal unit cost when produced in a large scale. We can think of creating compost i.e. organic in nature and can be produced in a large scale in organic farming. The innovation in manufacturing a product would be so commanded in its process that the conversion of capital to income becomes easy and fast.