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Welcome to World Television Day And Television Poem…..

The World Television Day is observed on 21st November every year. United Nations General Assembly on 17, December 1996 declared the very crucial role played by all television channels in our daily life by presenting different issues that affect people.

This medium of television is very much equivalent to social media, newspaper and internet. We can very well say that the main function of the television is to spread news and messages of the world. Now we see more things have been added like entertainment, live telecast, education etc.

We can call television as a medium for spreading of message or spreading of daily news of the world. But the most important aim and goal of the World Television Day is to take care to spread unbiased news on factual basis by the TV Media.

On this World Television Day all care and caution should be taken to stop spreading of fake and false news in any form which can create more harm to the society as a whole.

Now let us read a poem written by me on Television for World Television Day



Television has become new vision for mankind

Thanks to J.L.Baird for this invention and to his super mind

Television has taken new shape and size

Every household has kept it like a prize.


Television is almost like a daily need of our life

And it’s the biggest possession of a housewife

Television is honest and obedient performer

It always works and entertain us as per our instruction and order.


Hundreds of TV channels we have for us

Variety of choice television has given before us

Information, entertainment, knowledge and news

Everything is available including experts views.


We may call it Idiot Box or whatever we like

But can you please think,

What the Box may be thinking about you and me

Is it wise enough to give it a bad name?


Now, with an internet TV we play various types of games

The shape size definition has improved a lot also with new trade names

Do we become idiot to call it an Idiot Box?

This is a big question everybody has to unbox.


We love and appreciate the changes and improvements in television

We rarely like to change and rarely change our vision

Television relays/replays back whatever has been stored there

It is so very honest and very very clear.


Man is superior – both in good and bad things

He can go to any extent without any hesitation and any deep thinking

Some utilize television like a television

They have fixed time and fixed program to enjoy.


Just you see-watching Television is like pastime of the nations

Our children are our future generation

Sorry to see them addicted to Television

It is perhaps decreasing their sense of imagination and creation.


Hey! Parents, Hey! Guardians!

Can we not introduce them to the world of books physical and digital

Allow their minds to have new perspective to create something special

As parents let us do it and do something on urgent basis.


Yes- we all know, Television is here and it will continue to stay

It is an important tool for social and cultural construction

Let us utilize the power of Television to unite and social re-construction

Never allow any force to divide this world.. rather focus on peace, prosperity and rejuvenation and rejuvenation.



Television is one of the most utilized modern gadgets considered to be part of modern culture. Television or TV is mostly used for entertainment, news, education, culture and tradition, weather reports, forecasting of weather, sports, music and direct telecast of various important events worldwide.

TV is a vital source of information or communication. It is one of the most vital parts of media that plays a very significant role in our life. Now, its duty is to inform, educate and entertain. Television is also a bridge between Government and general public.

On this World Television Day let us all remember that television should play a very big and positive role for the human kind by factual reporting along with suggestions and remedies for any problem that crop up anywhere in the world. The World Television Day should make us very much aware for unity and integrity so that world can proceed towards brotherhood and world peace.