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Biographies play an important role in our life. Before we give the list of Top Hindi Websites for Biography in Hindi, let us have some general observation about Hindi blogging and Hindi websites…


It is very much observed that Hindi blogging has increased a lot. Many new bloggers have joined and contributing to blogs in various niches. The new websites are increasing. Hindi bloggers have come to earn name, fame and money. The pace for Hindi blogging started after 2014, when Google allowed Adsense for Hindi websites.

As far as Biographies of famous people in many fields are concerned, like famous poets, writers, scientists, politicians/statesmen, sports persons are being written about in many Hindi websites. The motivational websites in Hindi also think of adding content of biographies to motivate their readers. The readers also like this.

To proceed further and appreciate the topic Top Hindi Websites For Biographies, let us understand…


A biography or sometimes we call it as bio is about a person’s life. It contains detailed description about him. It provides more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death. It tries to bring out the total personality of the individual. And it portrays a person’s varied experience at different stages of his life with emphasis on important events. We find biographies of real persons in literature, film and media coverage.

Going further… let us understand


Generally Biographies are written about famous and successful people of different fields. A biography provides inspiration. When we read about the real life story of a celebrity, we understand, realize and learn properly the challenges faced by the person and how he could overcome them. The readers make connection to their own lives. This is like practical lessons to the readers and readers feel encouraged to find his own way to write a success story for himself.

In a nutshell we can say that the purpose of biography is to share the life of another person with an audience. Film makers produce films based on life history of some famous personality. We have enjoyed films like “Bhag Milkha Bhag” on life story of Milkha Singh and film “Mary Kom” on life story of Boxer Mary Kom. These two films are very much motivating and give a hope that anything can be achieved with discipline, dedication, determination and solid focus on the goal.

People also write biographical books whenever they find a character that is interesting, inspiring or able to give a message.

In internet we find a lot of biographies .It is certainly a part of inspirational material for consumption by many. There are some websites having specialization on biographies. Some websites deal with multi-niche contents and have biographies to attract their readers.

At this stage we have understood the importance of biography and we can proceed and discuss about the Top Hindi Websites for Biography In Hindi….

The criteria of choosing the websites are on the basis of rich content and positive impression created by the sites…

  • This is a very impressive and can be considered as the topmost website for biography in Hindi.
  • The main Biographical contents are…Scientists(वैज्ञानिक), Motivational(प्रेरणादायक details of Actors(आभिनेता), Artists(कलाकार), Writers(लेखक),Musicians(संगीतत्कार), Poets(कवि), Kings(राजा), Queens(रानी), Saints(संत) and Famous(प्रसिद्ध) persons
  • The main categories are….कवि(Poet)-97, महिला(Female)-38, वैज्ञानिक(scientists)-540,लेखक(Writer)-312, प्रेरणादायक (Motivational)-51,राजा(king)-37, राजनेता(Politician)-161, व्यवसायी(Businessman)-53,रानी-18, खेल-84,मानवतावादी-34, प्रसिद्ध-80, अभिनेता-84, संत-29, राजवंश-7, धार्मिक नेता-21, संगीतकार -13 , अन्य -102
  • The Website has biographies in Hindi, also as per the Nationality of the famous peoples.
  • There is also a Quiz Corner in the name of अध्ययन कक्ष
  • There is also Information related to various types of Competitive Examination (परीक्षा)
  • There is General Knowledge (GK) in various languages.
  • There is also provision of Mock Test too related to GK for Competitive Examination.

The Website is very very useful. It can very well be said that this is a great place to get inspired by the biographies of great and famous people.

  1. :
  • The owner of this website is Rajkumar Mali, he clearly mentions that through this website he is trying to bring out the motivational and interesting stories of famous people in Hindi from India as well as from abroad.
  • The main contents of this website are…वैज्ञानिक – Scientist, दार्शनिक – Statesman, गणितज्ञ – Mathematician, खिलाड़ी – Player/Sports person, फिल्म निर्माता – Film Producer, अभिनेता – Actor, स्वतन्त्रता सेनानी – Freedom Fighter, कवि – Poet , राजनेता – Politician.
  • Popular categories are …. स्वतन्त्रता सेनानी-69, वैज्ञानिक -62, राजनेता -44, खिलाड़ी -31, कवि -24, फिल्म निर्माता -22, शूरवीर – 19, व्यवसायी – 18

This website is especially for biography of famous people in Hindi only.

  1. :
  • The owner of this website is Mr. Gopal Mishra from Gorakhpur. He is one of the first mover among the Hindi Bloggers. He started this website since 2010. His website is the first Hindi Blog to have one lakh page views per day.
  • This is basically a multi-purpose for multi-niche website. This is basically a motivational website.

This website has rich contents of essays and biographies in Hindi.

  1. :
  • This is basically a motivational website. We can call it multi-purpose or multi-niche website.
  • There is very good and valuable content of biographies of famous people.

There are nearly 540 biographies of famous people in Hindi.

  1. :
  • This website started on 21.11.2019. The website tries to give the knowledge to the readers but the main aim is to give biographies of famous people in Hindi.
  • It provides national level leaders, filmy personalities, creators, cricketers etc.
  • There are also health related articles.
  • It is a very good site to learn many things which are inspiring. This is a multi-niche website.

Also there are 100+ Happy Diwali Quotes in Hindi.

  1. :
  • The founder, owner, writer and editor of this website is Surendra Singh Mahara.
  • Through this website he wants to put forward his thinking and wants to inspire his readers.
  • This is basically a multi-niche website and can very well be called as motivational website.

There are around 135 biographies of famous people in Hindi.

  1. :
  • It is basically a multi-niche and multi-purpose motivational website.

There are around 35 biographies of various famous people.

  1. :
  • This is basically website for biographies. The main biographical contents are Bollywood, Tik Tok Stars, Politician, Television Stars, Scientists and others.
  • The website has also Tech news and also biographies of writers and poets.
  • The main categories in this website are – Actors, Actress, Armed Forces, Bollywood, Businessman, Choreographer, Cricketer, famous people, fashion designers, singers, You Tubers, Stock Brokers etc.

This is a very impressive website. The website tries to bring the biography of trending personalities in many newspapers and social media etc. and the website has also very good collection of biographies of famous people.


While examining and reading various Hindi websites to find out the “Top Hindi Websites For Biography in Hindi”, it can be said that there are very less websites fully dedicated for biographies.

The numbers of websites, which have biographies as an important content even though they are dealing with many motivational aspects are also less in number.

It can also be said that there is a lot of opportunities for the new bloggers to start a blog specially dedicated to biographies in Hindi.

One can also think of some sub-niche topics like film stars only, cricketers only, Hindi poets only, You Tubers only etc. etc.

With this, the topic is concluded seeking your valuable comments.

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