6th December, 2017 – I was flying to Guwahati by Jet Airways.  I reached Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, well before two hours as instructed in the air ticket.  I completed the formalities of check-in, and security check.  I was happy to get an aisle seat.

Before going to the departure gate i.e. Gate No. 16, I decided to visit the Book Stall.  First few minutes, I was watching the type of people visiting the stall.  There were very few people glancing through some of the books.  I was also observing how many people are purchasing books.  During my stay for about 35 minutes in the stall, I can say that very few people purchased books.

Why people don’t purchase and read books?  Let’s not discuss much as everybody has his or her new and peculiar reasons for not reading.  Still at the cost of annoying some people, it can perhaps be said that….

  • People have less patience.
  • People don’t want to be imaginative.
  • Many don’t want to use their brains.
  • Like fast food, they want to get the quick delivery/result without much trouble and also want to get the gist only.
  • Reading is a hard task. Many want to avoid this.

Pardon me. Please pardon me if I am wrong.

Yes, I went on a questioning and analytic mode.  Let me come back to the Book Stall again.  I could observe and see in the Book Stall that Devdutt Pattnaik (Mythologist, Writer, Columnist and Illustrator) is present boldly and beautifully in the Indian Writers’ Section of the Stall.  Hats off to him, he is proving that our old things are gold and he is able to present them in modern milieu and also accepted well by readers.

It is needless to mention that I am a book lover.  My interest for purchasing books seriously started from 2005 when I was posted as Sr. Divisional Manager of LIC of India, Silchar Division.  Very often I fly to various parts of my Division on official tour.  I made it a point to purchase a book or two in the Airport before departing to any place.  This has helped me to have good number of books. Certainly I read at least few pages while flying.  I enjoyed this very much.

There was a break in this habit for nearly three years due to some very important and personal reasons.  Now, interest to purchase books has intensified.  Very recently I have decided to start writing short stories.  This is a bold step.  There will be lot of hard work for me.  I don’t know how to start.  I thought let me read short stories by SUDHA MURTY.  I feel I can learn a lot from her short stories.  So, on 6th of December 2017 I purchased – WISE AND OTHERWISE – A Salute to life, written by SUDHA MURTY from the Book Stall.

With the purchase of this book I was eager to read.  I went to Gate No. 16, my departing gate.  Luckily I got a seat and started reading short stories.  It was really enjoying.  The stories really touch the heart.  I felt I have purchased a right book to learn something and become a story writer.

I consider myself to be a Writer, Poet, Lyricist, YouTuber (Singer), Blogger and now I want to be Short Story Writer.  I don’t want to say I can be but simply say that I want to be.  Therefore, let me work hard in this direction.  Let me read many books on short stories.  Let me utilize my personal experience and reflect them in short stories.  Again, I say that I am ready to work hard.  Wish me well friends…..

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Ratikanta Singh.

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  1. Thank you. Your new initiative in writing the short stories will add to your versatility in another direction. You will certainly be successful in your new style of writing. This BLOG itself is a story . You write mostly from incidence/ life experience. Every story will speak of a new experience translated to short stories. You have that capability. Please continue.

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