Dear Doctor!
Your healing art and science
Make patient fine
Nobody generally wants to know
What medicine you give
We just straightway believe you
We always think you can make us alright. 

Dear Doctor!
The high-tech gadgets that you use
The number of tests recommended to be carried out
They help to pinpoint and diagnose the ailment
We should not have any occasion to cry foul
We strongly believe and have faith in you
We always regard 
Doctor as doctor
You are not butcher
You are our protector
You are our savior
Humanism and human feelings you have
You are special and different from others. 

Dear Doctor!
Your life is full of sacrifice
But your profession is noble and nice
Your life is a story of toil and toil
As a student you burnt midnight’s oil
People pay high respect to a doctor
You have to be practical and updated more and more
Work ethics, patience, updated knowledge
And acceptable behavior is must for you
You are an accepted role- model that we trust
Cent percent faith we have in you and your abilities
With more experience of healing and curing
You become more wise and wise. 

Dear Doctor!
We know you are not God
We know you are not ‘Yamraj’ or ‘Devil’
You are our friend and healer for ever
You are the most important and play important role in our society
The people cannot be safe without Doctor’s services and duties
We salute you Doctor!
We respect you Doctor!
But it is our humble request to you
Earn money but do not extract money
We always keep Doctors in high esteem
You are wealth of the nation
Please understand our respect and emotion. 


…..Ratikanta Singh.