Let me lead a life the way I like
Let me lead a standard life
Let me be a loud achiever, a genuine achiever
Let me be boisterous in whatever I do and let me feel proud of it
Let me shout from the rooftop about my intentions
With a proper plan and programme to achieve all
Let me be successful by advertising online and offline
For the best reach to one and all
Let me speak out boldly about the great experience to motivate others
Let me market loudly and boldly like a brand to be appreciated
Let me write a lot, text a lot, it’s for communication of knowledge and motivation
Let me speak good things, it makes the difference
Let me share great things, great things influence greatly to others
Let everything of mine give a solid message of confidence, boldness and integrity
Let people be inspired by everything that I do and understand the right meaning conveyed
Let people like me, follow me, think about me and do the way I do
I am for a big impact for me, for my colleagues, friends and society
My passion and my intention will pave the way…
My enthusiasm will provide highway for a great life
Let me lead a life the way I like
Let me lead a standard life, a grand life… 

Yes, I am an ordinary person but full of passion to do something outstanding
Passion is my emotion, my companion, supplies determination, conviction, love and willpower
The fuel for passion is my purpose, clear understanding of my goal
Again I remember that ordinary man can do extraordinary things through passion
Passion is a strong desire that can get me to do amazing things
My passion is surely challenging me, intriguing me but very much motivating me too
Passion is energizing me to do or love my job even sometimes I may hate or dislike
Now I very much know, I am the author of my life
Passion is pushing me beyond my limits
I am becoming ‘better me’, ‘worthy me’ because of passion
My passion and enthusiasm, we are now friends for ever
Our combination is deadly – I will lift myself to reach all my goals
Let me lead a life the way I like
Let me lead a standard life, a grand life… 

The enthusiasm along with passion within me is the driving force
It is bound to give me a unique identity in future
I have great feeling of energetic urge to write, write and go on writing
Everyday I am involved in writing, reading and writing
I am never tired, never lazy but always crazy to write
I have interest in writing, and writing excites me a lot
I get the maximum pleasure in writing
Wow! Enthusiasm is a divine energy
It will certainly help my dream to come true
It will keep me focused and help me in radiating self-confidence
No roadblock can block my enthusiasm which is a special driving force
Enthusiasm, bound to provide higher energy and mega force
It dares a person to take risks and encourage in finishing projects
Yeah – enthusiasm brings in creativity with high level of engagement
People who are enthused have their own approach to reflect about the future and to create a new future
Let me lead a life the way I like
Let me lead a standard life, a grand life…


….Ratikanta Singh