(From 30.11.2017 to 30.11.2018)

Dear Friends,

30th November 2018 is a red letter day of my Blogging Career.  I have successfully completed one year as a trilingual blogger.  I started my journey on 30.11.2017 with my first article in English.  Now I have completed 111 Blog Posts.  Let me share some of my experiences with you.


I consciously challenged myself.  I put in super efforts to fulfill the challenges.  Really, it is a proud achievement to post 111 Blog Posts during this period.  I have been writing 9 Blog Posts every month without fail.


The interesting thing is that I googled to find out how many bloggers are there in the world who write in two languages or three languages i.e. bilingual bloggers or trilingual bloggers.

To my utter surprise I found that there is only one lady who writes in two languages.  But I couldn’t find a trilingual blogger in the google.  May be, I am the only person in the world who is blogging in three languages.  Can I be happy for this ?  Of course, Yes.  At the same time I would request my friends to find out if there are any such bloggers and please let me know about this.

Writing in three languages is really a labourious, challenging, creative and satisfying too.  I am really enjoying myself as a trilingual blogger.


The biggest thing is that I am enjoying writing in three languages.  I have proved that I can do it.  I have gained a lot of confidence.  I have an opportunity to learn many things.  Also as I have a target to write 9 posts(3 in odia, 3 in Hindi and 3 in English) every month, I have become more conscious about time management.  I have become more disciplined.  My determination level has increased.  Now writing nine articles has become a habit.  From the rooftop I can say that I have transformed myself.


  1. Writing in English :- By writing in English I am catering to the international readers. Whatever little knowledge or experience which I want to share is going to the entire world. I feel I am contributing something to this world.  This is the greatest  satisfaction I am getting every month after writing three posts/articles.  I strongly feel if not today, tomorrow I will have many readers who will be benefited from my articles.  Basically my website www.ratikantasingh.com is a motivational and inspiring site.  Every month after writing articles I get energized and get ready for the next month.  Every month I am going through a plan and programme.  I set my target on weekly basis and try to complete them.
  1. Writing in Hindi :- I always feel that I am doing some services to my nation by writing in Hindi. My surname is Singh, but actually I am from Odisha state. My mother tongue is not Hindi.  But the greatest thing is that I am weak in Hindi but I have a weakness for Hindi.  I love to read and write in Hindi.  Many a time, when I address any gathering, meeting or any occasion arisen to speak, I mostly use Hindi.  I am not bothered about my weakness.  I am bold enough to carry on even with my wrong grammar and peculiar pronunciation.  I also put in effort to improve my pronunciation and grammar.  Practice makes a man perfect and I am trying to practice in a perfect way.  Slowly and steadily I think I will improve and I will be able to speak, read and write better Hindi.  While writing in Hindi many a time, I have to consult Hindi Dictionary.  This is giving me an opportunity to increase my Hindi vocabulary.  I am also reading many good articles and also trying to translate many world famous poems, articles and letters in Hindi.  This is giving me lot of challenges and immense pleasure.
    By writing in Hindi I am catering to the national audience as well as some neighbouring countries. Of course, now, many countries are learning Hindi so that they can have business as well as cultural relationship with India.  We are the second largest populated country that’s why the importance of business in our country has increased.  That way I feel, I am catering to the entire world through Hindi too.
  1. Writing in Odia :- By writing in Odia I am catering to the Odia readers. Here too, I strongly feel that I am enriching the language of my state. My writings in Odia are short poems written by me, short articles, and translations of famous poems of Hindi or English.  I have no hesitation in declaring that my Odia is not that good.  I have read Odia upto class VII standard only.  As I have a love and liking for this language I am laboring hard to improve.  Here, I can declare that very shortly I will be publishing a book of short poems in Odia.  This may be in the form of e-book or may also be published as a physical book form.  This is again a challenge and this is a target for the year 2019 for me.  Now-a-days I enjoy working with target and deadlines so that I should be consciously put proper effort to accomplish them.  Target oriented life or activity increases the satisfaction level after it is fulfilled.  Really I want to have a lot of satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment in my life.  I want to do things in a slow and steady but very much in a time-bound way.

Friends, wish me good luck for my third book after ‘Mission Impossible made Possible’ – a non-fiction about how I quit smoking, 2nd book i.e. ‘My Short Poems’ in English and the Odia book will be the third book of my life and I may also translate Mission Impossible made Possible in Odia.  So lot of writings, lot of thinking is in store for me.  Now-a-days, I am writing in ODILISH i.e. pronunciation in Odia but alphabets are in English (Odia + English = ODILISH)


My one year blogging experience loudly and boldly speak that anything is possible for me.  I have been able to prove this by writing nine articles/posts every month in three languages i.e. 3 in Odia, 3 in Hindi and 3 in English.  Many a time I ask myself how I am able to do this ?  The answer is that  I have a passion for writing.  I have enough patience also.  I have become more disciplined and dedicated.  The entire year I have gained a lot of confidence.  I have started enjoying success.  Writing nine articles every month is a success to me.  It provides energy and enthusiasm to me.  Slowly and steadily I am getting more encouraged for better writing.  I myself, pat myself.  This is how my level of curiosity and determination is increasing month after month.

How far can I go?

It depends mostly on me and you friends.  Many of my friends have encouraged me in this regard but the number is very less.  I am confident that slowly I will gain ground through my writing and many friends will come to my website to read informative, encouraging and inspiring articles.

Friends, my patience is increasing day by day.  An optimistic attitude is reflected in every activity of my life.  But the biggest thing is that I am enjoying every bit of blogging.  I strongly feel that I can go very far and continue to do this….  Please give me your good wishes and I pray to the Almighty God to bless me.


Ratikanta Singh.