What would be my first blog post in my personal website ratikantasingh.com? It is true, I have been wondering about this since I purchased the domain name. Today, I am going to post my first blog post and start a new journey as a blogger through my own website. It’s a great day for me. I will ever cherish this. Let me pour my feelings through this poem.

Hi Friends!

Here, there and everywhere

My website ratikantasingh.com is going to be born today and here

Wish me best of luck

Please know me, know my thoughts

Please clap for me and encourage me a lot.


Hi Friends!!

I love writing – I am an Author

I love poems – I am a Poet

I love singing my own songs – I am a YouTuber

I love motivating and encouraging – I am a Speaker and Motivator.


Hi Friends!!!

I want to learn a lot – I want to share a lot

I want my friends known and unknown to visit me

I would love the visitors to share their views and thoughts

Let ratikantasingh.com be learning, sharing and improving place for one and all.


Hi Friends!!!!

Why not to have a quote on journey by Lao Tzu….

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” … Lao Tzu.

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