Welcome to Father’s Day Poem on World Father’s Day. This Father’s Day Poem is written by me. This poem highlights the importance of family and importance of father.

Every year in the third Sunday of June, World Father’s Day is celebrated. 

Father’s day poem is dedicated to fathers. It is for celebrating paternity, paternal connections and impact of fathers (mostly the head of the family) in the family as well as in the society. This day is celebrated throughout the world. 

Now, let us enjoy the poem…

                                                   FATHER’S DAY POEM

Father we thank you, Father we salute you

Loving father, caring mother and lovely children
Are must for a small and happy family
To have grandfather, grandmother
Uncles and aunts together in a joint family
It’s certainly a bonus and blessings for each member of the family. 

Everybody has a role to play in a family
To make it a great place to live in
Father is father, a mixture of tenderness, toughness and a unique mixture
His contribution is recognized
In the growth and development of his children’s life. 

Father! You love us, we are your lovely children
You are the strength, you are the fun
Life is normal because of you
Victories and celebrations come through you
You are the cause and effect of our life. 

Father! You are normal, you are practical
You provide the day-to-day needs
Take care of the future plans and prospects that we dream
You teach to fight and teach to take up responsibilities
Also to be a good citizen and good human being. 

Father! You make the life full
Allow to understand all seasons
Allow to face Sun rays and soak in rain
Our hopes and aspirations are different
When we are with you
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
How can we forget you? 

Father! We are here because of you
We are somebody because of you
We pay our respect, we show our gratitude
You are our whole world
Many things revolve around you
We just cannot forget you. 

Father! On this Father’s Day
We flash back
Remember many stories woven around you and us
The stories do guide us, inspire us
To tackle the present and prosper in future
Your knowledge, your care and your concern are helping all the way
Father! We thank you : Father we salute you. 



Father’s day poem has helped us to understand that father plays a significant role in a family and particularly in the life of children.

Father’s support is needed to fulfill the dreams and desires of a child. He is a big support, a big well wisher and if needed he sacrifices to fulfill the dreams of children.

Almost all fathers try to teach discipline and dedication. Also, emphasize on culture and tradition. Every father want that his children become more successful than him.

Many fathers play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide. On this day, Let us appreciate the role of a father for all his sacrifices, support, love and contributions to prepare the children to be best.

On this day children give gifts and presents to the father. But the biggest gift the children give is their love to father.

Ratikanta Singh.

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