Why this Review?

Just to know what I have done during these 63 days.  Am I on the right track?  Am I fulfilling writing goal or target decided by me?

I have Decided:

Let me remind you with all sincerity that I have decided to write 9 Blog posts every month, that too in three languages – Odia, Hindi and English.  Thereby I want to become a TRI-LINGUAL BLOGGER.  I don’t know how many multi-lingual bloggers are there in this world.  But I have decided means I have decided and I will work hard for this.

Question to Me:

Many a times I ask one question to myself.  Is it sensible to be Trilingual Blogger?  Writing in three languages is tough and challenging.

Answer to Me:

I feel there is no way out now.  I repeat – I have decided means decided.  Let me take this as an opportunity to learn more about these three languages. Let me tell you frankly that I have read Odia upto class 7th only and Hindi upto class 8th only.  This cannot be a handicap.  I should not make any excuses.

Opportunity Available:

My drawbacks (7th & 8th Class) are my biggest opportunity.  Now I can read more, write more in all the three languages.  This can be called a good move but labourious and tedious too.  I and you know nothing comes easily.  I have to really work hard to be successful as a Blogger.  I have to work three times more to be successful in three languages.  I don’t know when the success will come.  Only one thing I know is that I have to write, practice writing, writing and writing and go on writing to improve month after month.  So, my mind, body and entire thinking process should be in writing mode.  If this is the mode and mood of mine, perhaps nobody can stop me.  This is my spirit and dedication coming out from my inner self.  You can call this my passion.

Starting :

My website got the life in the form of first post – Hi Friends! You are welcome.  This was the introductory post.  It was mostly about me and my friends (Readers) to whom I have invited.  In my free flowing prosaic poetry or poetic prose I requested everybody to visit my website.  As on 1st of February 2018 it can be very well said that on an average 10 people are visiting my site everyday.  Am I happy with this performance?  As a beginner I am really very happy and hope that more number of people will visit my website in the days to come.

Journey so far :

There are 21 Posts including one Guest Post by Guest Blogger, Mr. S.K.Sarkar.  He has written on – Successful Project Continuation.  He will be contributing on Insurance, Finance and Economics.  Here, I take an opportunity to invite Guest Bloggers for my site.  Those who are interested can contact me through e-mail of the website :  [email protected].

Odia Post :

There are six Odia Posts written during this period.  I have achieved my target of six Posts, three in December 2017 and three in January 2018.  I congratulate myself, you can also join.  The topics written are –

Mor Lakshya – My Target.
Lekha-lekhi – It’s on Writing.
Ajir Tinoti Kabita – Three Poems for the day.
Nua Barsha Ra Kabita – Few Poems on New Year.
Odia Post on Nature
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose – His Life and his Quotations.

My writing style has been short poems, few paragraph of prose and few useful quotations on the topic.  I humbly feel that such style may not be new to the Blogging World.  But the only difference may be that I write my short poems on the topic and try to add value to that topic.  My only intention is to make my readers understand and appreciate my work or writing through Prose, Poetry and Quotations.

Hindi Post :

Again I have hit the Bull’s eye.  Six Posts in two months, target achieved.  I can say well-done Ratikanta and I have to keep it up.  The topics covered here are –

Tahalka – It’s like a declaration that I will do wonders.
Aashirwad – I have short blessings from Almighty God and my readers.
Himmatwala – Here I want to prove myself to be courageous and go on writing so that people can also call me a courageous man.
Kitab – This is on books and writing.
Hindi Post on Prakriti – It’s on Nature.
Hindi Post on Famous Slogans by Indian Personalities- Prasiddh Hindi Nara Bharatiyon Dwara

English Post :

I have written eight Posts.  I have gone beyond my target of six Posts for two months.  This is a Superlative performance.  I am very much happy and proud.  The English Posts written by me are –

Hi Friends! You are welcome.
Short Story Writer : I want to be
Goal and Goal Setting
Farewell to Year 2017
New Year 2018
New Year’s Resolution
Interview with LICI Agent – Mr. N.C.Maiti

My Rating :

I rate myself ‘Excellent’ for this period for achieving target on writing in Odia, Hindi and English.  This rating is on quantity i.e. number of posts.  But I want to leave it to my readers to rate me in quality of writing.

Miscellaneous :

I have uploaded more than 30 pictures, mostly flowers in the Gallery of my website.  You can enjoy them too.

My Final Comments :

Regular blogging seems to be a tough job.
I have to devote a good amount of time to write a Post.
Lot of research has to be done for this.
Hard work, patience and creativity are must to continue as a Blogger.
Passion is must for writing as well as blogging.
Passion drives one to write, write and write.

My bi-monthly review as a tri-lingual Blogger is complete here. I put it for your review.  Please post your valuable comments and suggestions.


…..Ratikanta Singh.