The main product of tobacco is cigarette
It is a villain, it’s a foe and you should hate and always say no
The psychoactive ingredient of tobacco is nicotine
It is a poison, it is so mean and it will kill you slowly but certainly.

Smoking may give you pleasure
But brings disease, death and horror
Smoking is never sophistication and never glamour
It will certainly make you poor and even poorer.

Cigarettes are killers
Smoking thrills, relaxes but kills
Smoker pollute the air and make people passive smoker
Indirect smoking also kills life everywhere.

Please say no to tobacco and tobacco products
It is the main reason of cancer throughout the world
On 31st May, atleast for this day let us try to stop smoking
And let us try to quit, quit with full determination
Let us abstain ourselves from using all forms of tobacco consumption.

To quit smoking is difficult but not impossible
If you don’t quit, cancer and diseases will force your life to quit
Think of the duties, responsibilities and dream of your life
You may have to leave your parents, relatives, children and wife.

What are you looking for? Decide my friend decide
If you are a smoker, quit from today and influence others to quit
I was also a smoker, a chain-smoker for long
But now I have quit and I am a non-smoker
If I could quit, I feel you can also quit and become a winner.

Read my Book – “Mission Impossible Made Possible”
It’s my true story of struggle to quit smoking
I have not advised but narrated my struggling story
You may get many clues to get a smoke-free life
Purchase the Book from Amazon or Flipkart
Give new meaning; lead a clean life with increased longevity and be smart.

Let us celebrate the World No Tobacco Day
By not smoking, not consuming tobacco and helping the new generation
Not to touch tobacco products at all
And bring the willpower, bring the determination
We are the human beings, we can be winner
Let us take the vow to throw away tobacco for ever
Help to create a pure and clean environment for new generation.


…Ratikanta Singh.